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Baptism - you can get baptised in many different ways

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R.E HOMEWORK A) You can get baptised in many different ways. One time is infant baptism. Infant baptism occurs in the both the Roman Catholic Church and also the Orthodox Church. There are many comparisons to be made with these baptisms as they differ a lot. As well as differences, there are also similarities, but I will start with the differences. Infant baptism in the Orthodox Church has the child stripped of his/her clothes. This shows that the child is being stripped of its sin (original sin). I think that clothes of the baby is stripped because in the Garden of Eden, when Adam ate the apple, he could perceive all of the sin and the people would also wear clothes to hide what God has given it. Therefore, the baby's clothes are stripped to show that the sin (the clothes) is being taken away as well as original sin which the baby is born with. Also, the baby is fully immersed into the water. This is to show that the sin from all over the body leaves, and this symbolises the death of sin and the beginning of a new life in Christ. ...read more.


The only difference in that is that in the Orthodox Church, the baby's whole body is covered with oil of chrism, which in the Roman Catholic Church; only a cross is made on the forehead of the baby. The sign of the cross is also very important in both baptisms. The cross is the most important symbol in the Christian faith mainly because Christ was crucified on the cross. The cross initiates the child into Christ's community. The child wears a white garment in both baptisms. Christ also always wore white and this symbolises the fact that the baby is clothed with Christ. It is also provided by the mother, and Christ wore this when he arose from the dead, this can correlate to what I am saying here because that baby is arising from the death of his/her original sins. Water is also used in both baptisms. Water is a powerful symbol because it represents both life and death. It represents death to sin and life for a new life in the guidance of Christ. B) ...read more.


The candidate in the Baptist church is fully immersed. This is because the immersion is the death of sin and the as he come out it is a new life in Christ. The baby in the Roman Catholic Church is not fully immersed, but only a sign of the cross is made on his forehead with the water. Basically, infant baptism in the Roman Catholic Church takes place for initiation to occur at a young age. This is when the baby is welcomed into the community and it is a celebration for the friends and family of the baby, for the baby, and his/her family. The baptism also takes place to rid us of original sin (sin that every baby is born with. The reason Mary is called the Immaculate Conception is because her birth was immaculate, and therefore Jesus was born with no original sin). Believers' baptism takes place as the candidate has a personal understanding of the faith and can give a person testimony to show that he/she is ready. The candidate has a free choice and the celebration is with the candidate, not for the baby. Chetak Barot 10A Comparing Baptism R.E ...read more.

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