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Before talking about what Jesus says about discipleship it is necessary to explain what a disciple is and then look at what he teaches.

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Discipleship: RE Coursework Andrea Safo-Poku Before talking about what Jesus says about discipleship it is necessary to explain what a disciple is and then look at what he teaches. A disciple is someone who follows Jesus and spreads the word of God. In Mark's Gospel Jesus calls five men to be his disciples this would later grow as twelve disciples. The five men were all fishermen except one who was a tax collector their names were Simon, Andrew, James, John and Levi. These were all ordinary people Jesus wanted to show that everyone had the equal rights to be part of God's followers, Jesus choose these men because he wanted them to spread the word of God they had to bring people closer to God and the kingdom which is for all God's people. When Jesus tells the five men to follow him, they appreciate the fact that they been chosen and they drop everything to begin to start their new lives. Jesus also tells them that they will no longer catch fish, they will catch 'men' (people) and their jobs would be to get people to follow him and to draw them into the net of the kingdom of God. ...read more.


The teaching of discipleship could affect the life of Christian in different ways they could either accept the consequences of discipleship or not. Many Christians decide to choose a different path to life this may because they have been chosen to sacrifices their life for others, just like the twelve disciples they were chosen by Jesus to follow him and spread the word of God. The disciples did agree to follow Jesus but not everyone is like that at first some Christians have to think about if this is the right path for them to show others to follow God. Dorothy Day was a modern day Christian she was born in 1897. She attended but did not graduate from the university of Illinois, she said that's really led a shiftless life, doing for the first time exactly what I wanted to do' meaning she always did what other people thought it was best for her and needed to do something that was best for others. Dorothy Day started to organise meeting for women and she also got involved in women's rights, free love and birth control. Dorothy Day had many situations that affected her life in bad ways but she wanted to begin her life as a communist to seek a religious truth and then she ended it as a catholic influence by communist ideas. ...read more.


Children qualities to enter the kingdom of God is stated in this story Jesus suggests that the only way to enter the kingdom of God needs to act like a child whoever does this would be allowed into the kingdom of God, but whoever doesn't act like a child wouldn't receive eternal life as this is the only way to get into the kingdom of God. Children had make sacrifices by helping other who less fortunate than you even helping friends or family. In conclusion I believe the only way to be a disciple of God is to be you but do try not to hurt anyone in the process. To enter the kingdom of God is every Christian dream so if you believe in God and do this in any way possible it won't affect you getting into the Kingdom of God and on earth you are a true disciple, you just have to believe. Therefore I believe that if you want to enter the kingdom of God you have act on it meaning that you must follow God in any way possible and also to make sure that in times of trouble that you turn to God but not against him as it is very important that you present yourself as a good disciple to others so that hopefully you will be bring them much closer to the kingdom of God. ...read more.

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