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"Belief in the resurrection has more to do with wishful thinking than with historical fact" Do you agree?

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(iii) "Belief in the resurrection has more to do with wishful thinking than with historical fact" Do you agree? I believe that this statement is correct. The resurrection is very hard to believe nowadays because of modern science and the points of view of many philosophers. A man rising from the dead is very hard to believe as from modern science we know that this is not physically possible. Once you're dead, you're dead and there is no possible way to be resurrected after death. There are also many other reasons why I do not believe these statements to be correct. Points of view from Philosophers such as Sigmund Freud have beliefs which I can relate to very well. Sigmund Freud believes that the reason people are religious is because they need something else to look forward to after death. ...read more.


Christians believe that Christ conquered one of mans greatest fears in defeating death and they would argue that the fact Jesus did rise from the dead proves he was the messiah. Some extreme Christians would believe that the bible was the most historical fact they needed, and that every word in the bible is true. People saw Jesus on the cross and his disciples risked their lives for Jesus, if someone is willing to die for Jesus then it is very unlikely that the resurrection was untrue. The disciples act as if they believe in the resurrection by risking their lives. If you believe in a higher being and that there is a God then the resurrection doesn't seem too hard to make come true by someone with God's immense power. Christians would argue that Easter is the core fact to the belief in the resurrection. ...read more.


I believe that it was easy for the middle and higher classes to twist the minds of the working class and use it to their advantage in order to gain more out of them. In my opinion the resurrection of Jesus is a made up story enabling people to believe that there is something worth living for after death. I believe that something did create this universe but that over time people have exploited what man considers being the 'unknown'. People can so easily twist others minds and even though religion has provided many things that we have gained in our cultures there is so much evil around today that if there was a God then he probably would be ashamed of what he created. Perhaps Jesus was a great person and perhaps he was sent by God, but I find it truly hard to believe today that this is the case. ...read more.

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