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"Belief in the resurrection of Jesus has more to do with wishful thinking that with historical fact."

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"Belief in the resurrection of Jesus has more to do with wishful thinking that with historical fact." Do you agree? I agree that belief in the resurrection of Jesus has more to do with wishful thinking that with historical fact. Jesus could not have been resurrected as professional scientists state that dead people do not rise from the dead unless if they are placed into a coma and comas probably existed in Jesus' times but people probably didn't know the difference. Others could say that witnesses could have made the stories up to tell everyone that they had seen Jesus. It was all pure imagination and wishful thinking. ...read more.


If the story was made up, why did the disciples use women as witnesses as women were unable to give evidence in a Jewish court? People could say that the resurrection did happen as Jesus' physical state after the resurrection was that he could be touched and he could eat food so he was not a ghost and both individual and group appearances make wishful thinking unlikely. Also when Jesus went to have supper with the two men he appeared to on the road to Emmaus, they witnessed Jesus blessing and breaking the bread the same way he did at the Last Supper before the resurrection. Nevertheless I think that my views are the most convincing. ...read more.


John Hick said that God exists but that the Resurrection is not true; it is a metaphor for when you repent of your sins, you start a new life and you are born again. Also, Muslims believe that Jesus was a good teacher but was not resurrected; he was not the Son of God. Another philosopher called Wolfhart Pannenberg wrote in his book, "Jesus: God and Man" that if you do not believe in the Resurrection, you do not believe in Christianity. I believe that the resurrection of Jesus was pure imagination and wishful thinking because Christians wanted their faith to be supported with evidence that Jesus was resurrected otherwise the whole Christian religion would have been based on a lie and Christians can not accept that this may be the case. 1 ...read more.

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