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Biblical teachings on abortion

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RE coursework Kieren heathfield Biblical teachings on abortion. In the bible, there is not much there to be taught about abortion, as it was published before abortion was at all common. However girls were often married at a serious age and well to young to be a mother. Girls were married before sexual maturity, and their careers were not put on hold by abortion. In the bible you might not find the word abortion or any kind of experience about abortion being dealt directly, but a lot of Christians used the bible for guidance and hope. People might point out that the bible stresses people out because the sanctity of human life where "Humanity" is made in the eyes of God. Within the Christian Church there is generally a keen desire to follow and apply the teachings of the Bible. However this in not easy and a number of alternative readings of Scripture have lead to a variety of viewpoints concerning the moral implications of abortion. ...read more.


The Protestant Church is reluctance to take such a hard line as Catholics do in the abortion debate. It accepts that there are certain situations when abortion is an unavoidable consequence of deciding between the 'lesser of two evils' (E.g. Accepting that a women who becomes pregnant after being raped might want an abortion). Thus they generally advocate a form of Situation Ethics. Both the Catholic and the Protestant Churches accept abortion when the life of the mother is in danger as a result of her being pregnant. Christians can put their beliefs about abortion into action by trying to think what its for the best and their thoughts based around their beliefs. every person in the family can offer support, help and encourage the woman to keep the baby by reminding her of the support she will be given by family, friends and social services. This is a major factor as mothers are mainly worried of the fun and happiness she and the father will have ...read more.


If an abortion is taken place on a purpose accord no matter what is said or done after the abortion the person can never be justified. When a mother finds out she's pregnant she must treat it right and so the right things to help the foetus develop properly. Finding out you are pregnant and are still doing things to harm the foetus is exactly the same as a procured abortion. My thoughts on abortion I think that abortion in one way is murder but in the other way it may be helping the unborn child. Because if the mother smokes, has cancer of any kind, or any types of STI's maybe and if the mother didn't want the baby to be infected she may want to stop it before it suffers. If the baby does suffer then there may be several things wrong with the baby like it may become infertile or had a behaviour problem ect. ...read more.

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