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Biblical teachings on Euthanasia

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Haylee Kelly Friday 14th march 08 Biblical Teachings on Euthanasia The Bible doesn't specifically mention euthanasia. However, when considering whether euthanasia is acceptable or not, some biblical teachings are relevant. Christians believe life is a sacred gift from God. This is because in Genesis chapter one in The Bible the Creation Story teaches that God made all of life and said 'It is good.' Because life is described as God's gift, some Christians believe that Genesis chapter 1 can be used to say that euthanasia is wrong as it is playing God by destroying God's gift. However, some Christians believe that not all types of euthanasia are playing God. For example, passive euthanasia in particular can be sometimes seen as letting nature take it's course. Some Christians believe keeping someone alive by the use of medical treatments, life support machines for example, is playing God by not letting things happen naturally. ...read more.


Some say it is acceptable, as it is letting nature take its course, in the natural way God intended. However, other Christians argue that God gave doctors the ability to prolong and preserve life, therefore prolonging life artificially e.g. using a life support machine is not playing God, it is working with and helping God. These two teachings are from the Old Testament. New Testament Jesus' Teachings The Golden Rule- Jesus taught that we should 'treat other people as you would like to be treated' (Matthew's Gospel). Some Christians who believe Euthanasia is right use this teaching to support their view. They argue that if a person was in great pain and wanted to end it, (and the only was this would be possible is if the person died), then you should be permitted to die- therefore we must allow others the same treatment. However, this once again depends on the type of euthanasia involved. ...read more.


Jesus took her hand and suddenly the girl arose from the dead. Christians will consider what Jesus' motives were when he performed miracles when they are deciding whether euthanasia is wrong or right. If they believe that the miracles he performed were to prolong life, Christians will be against euthanasia. This is because they will believe that they must follow Jesus' example to prolong life too. However, if they believe that Jesus performed miracles to reduce pain and suffering, they may support the use of euthanasia in cases where there is a great deal of pain and the person is suffering, as they believe their motives will be the same as Jesus' were. In the first letter to the Corinthians, St Paul taught that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, many Christians interpret this saying as that the body must be treated with respect. For this reason, this teaching is often used by Christians who are opposed to euthanasia. ...read more.

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