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Billy Graham was a role model

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Billy Graham: A Man of Ethics Billy Graham was a role model. He was the perfect example of a man who managed to uphold his strong morals and ethics throughout his highly publicized life. Despite the constant attempts by the media and his enemies to slander his image, Billy Graham is still respected and held in high regard internationally to this very day. Billy Graham's strong ethics were most evident in how he responded to his many enemies and critics, his persistence in the equality of all races, and his life-long virtue of living what he preached. During Billy Graham's worldwide crusades to spread the Christian faith, he was often met with hatred and violence. His services would be marred by protests and jeering insults, and sometimes even pelted with projectiles. ...read more.


Billy's response to all of his critics, whether they were Presidents or mental patients, was always the same. He treated everyone with the same respect and fairness; but when he saw people treating others with the extreme unfairness known as racial bigotry, Billy Graham would always intervene. Another dimension Billy Graham that proved his sound ethics, was his position in racial matters. Born in the deep South, sadly known for slavery's tragic scars, racial segregation and racism, he determined early on in his crusade ministry that his crusades would never be segregated. This was a very unpopular stance at that time, but it points to Graham's strong sense of what is morally and ethically right. Oftentimes, Billy would have to personally pull down the ropes and barriers that racially divided the congregations he would be preaching to. ...read more.


Billy Graham was a man of complete honesty. When he preached something onstage, he really meant it. Billy truly did believe in and follow the word of the bible, and he truly hoped that everyone else would too. If Billy Graham were to be given the three tests of ethicality, he would undoubtedly have passed with flying colors. Billy Graham lived a life according to the bible, and similar to the ethics test Universality, he wanted everyone else to also live life by the bible. In perfect accordance to the ethics test Reversibility, Billy treated others just as he would've wanted to be treated: with kindness, respect, and fairness, regardless of your race, gender, and whether or not your were a friend or foe. Billy Graham was a man of absolute sound character and ethics, who lived a life under the vigilante eye of the world, and was applauded. ...read more.

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