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Black Boy.

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God has created the humans to be gregarious so that they could connected with each other, because of this nature they started to live together in groups following rules which can control them. These rules become part of their way of life. And each country has its own rules and norms, which fit with the nature of their people and their environment. It is a huge universe but everything goes on in an amazing neat harmony. Discrimination is a very earnest issue, which affects the life of many people. How could anyone judge other people to be of a lower level, only because of his color! Racial discrimination is a quite obvious matter in which the whole book is built on. It shows the cruelty of the southern Americans who seem to be heartless and they are inhuman creatures who refused to apply justice on the colored citizens, they thought they. ...read more.


They did all kinds of humiliating jobs so as to be capable of surviving in such circumstances. Therefore, they were forced to leave their children in the streets where they are exposed to the most unbelievable and horrible experiences. It was suffering in its worst shape. Pity! Pity! This is what is felt towards this black people of the south. Discrimination-wise we find that the society is divided into two contrasted classes, where white people relish such a joyful life, while the black people live in a quite poor life. The writer's style pictured black people so helpless as they could not retort or take their rights all what they can do was to run away, they even forget that its their land the same as the white people. ...read more.


Whites do consider black people as ANIMALS who got no feelings and don't deserve any kind of care, and they are not allowed to share food with them. In a way, black people subscribe to this discrimination by their passiveness and silence. Why couldn't the black people revolt against these white monsters? Such inhumanity is utterly unjustified, inconceivable and appalling. However, Richard seemed to object on those who agree on being slaves for whites and play the role of stupid clowns. Also, it is so clear that he respected his humanity. In turn, we seem to respect him too. To conclude, some people might claim that this is due to the diversity of culture. However, the issue itself is wholly humanistic and it should be a fact of life that all people were born free. And if I was born black, I would be liable to encounter such troubles, which creates nothing but pulling people a party. Is it man's game in life? D ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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