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While you breast feed avoid spicy foods, alcohol and certain medicines. Sometimes breast feeding can also be exhausting and occasionally painful. If you are using bottles, you know how much baby is getting. You don't have to do all your feeds yourself. Your baby's father can experience the pleasure of feeding. This improves the father - child relationship and also prevents feelings of jealousy You can bottle feed anywhere without embarrassments in the public. Bottle feeding is not tiring. But there are some disadvantages for bottle feeding. If you decide to bottle feed your baby, it is important that you choose the correct type of milk for your baby's age. ...read more.


You can use the weight and age guidelines on can or carton as an approximate guide , but don't worry if the baby wants more or less, because babies appetites vary just like adults do. IMPORTANT POINTS * Don't be tempted to add anything extra because the baby milk has been specially balanced to provide the mix when made up as recommended on the can or carton * Once a can or carton is opened, the contents must be used within four weeks . * Never leave your baby alone during feeding. * Sterilise your babies bottles and teats as this helps to fight bugs which your babies body is not able to fight. ...read more.


While breast feeding you don't have to worry about your freedom or about returning back to work as you could express your milk. You'll need to express every three to four hours if you want to keep up your milk supply, but if you find it difficult to express at work, you may find it easier to do it after the morning and evening feeds. You'll need to get equipped in order to express milk. There are three main ways you could express your milk. They're as follows; * An electric pump * A hand pump * Expressing by hand There are many people who could help you decide whether to breast feed or bottle feed. Here are some; * The National Child Birth Trust (08704448707; nctpregnancyandbabycare.co.uk) * Breast feeding mothers (08704017711) * www.baby-led-feeding.com * www.bbc.co.uk/parenting/yourkids * www.babycentre.co.uk/baby * www.babymilkaction.org ...read more.

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