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By comparing 'The Homecoming' with at least one other appropriate play, discuss the importance of violence in post 1945 drama.

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The Homecoming By comparing 'The Homecoming' with at least one other appropriate play, discuss the importance of violence in post 1945 drama Up until 1945, the world has endured decades of war and violence which affected the lives of everyone through the duration of it. It affected the way people lived, the way people worked and even how plays were written. Since the war, violence has subsequently become one of the key themes in post 1945 plays such as Pinter's 'The Homecoming' and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' by Edward Albee. Although both plays include the theme of violence, they contrast with one another. This is because Harold Pinter expresses violence to the audience in a subtle, unusual way which is dissimilar to Albee's play. ...read more.


This is because it unlocks a whole new generation of drama which enables new levels of excitement. The storyline in The Homecoming may be implausible, yet the violence in the play are very accurate to reality as Pinter documents the domestic aspects of human nature. In Pinter's 'The Homecoming', there is a ruthless battle for territory and power, with Max losing his position within the household and Lenny somewhat taking the dominant role. This conflict reflects the conflict in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This is because of George and Martha's ongoing conflict as they try to fight and humiliate eachother in new, inventive ways. George and Martha battle this out as if it's a daily fixation. ...read more.


Pinter also uses much more direct violence. "Listen! I'll chop your spine off if you talk to me like that." This is a brutal and harsh threat from Max to his son Lenny. It is violence like this which is effective as it captures the audience's attention and is maintained by the constant source of friction throughout the course of the play. Violence is of huge importance to post 1945 drama. Following from the horrific events during the course of the war, hostility and aggression can no longer be ignored as a social issue. The use of violence in post 1945 play's enable playwrights such as Pinter (The Homecoming) and Albee (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf) to express human emotion in a realist manner, allowing audiences of all classes to relate to this kind of human nature and appreciate the effectiveness of it. ?? ?? ?? ?? David Pollon 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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