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Can Euthanasia Ever be justified?

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Can Euthanasia ever be justified? Those who believe that euthanasia should be legal would argue that everyone should have the right to choose how and when they want to die. The whole campaign about legalising euthanasia is to have the right to choose, which makes sense, as we are in a free country. We are allowed to "abuse" our bodies (through alcohol and cigarettes) .Why not allow people to choose when they die? So if someone is terminally ill why not allow them to die? Most people would say that the reason why they want to be euthanized is because they don't want to be a burden (emotionally and financially) to their families and society. It should be realised that not everyone dies well. At least 5% of terminal pain cannot be controlled by drugs. ...read more.


There is also the worry that by giving doctors the right to practice euthanasia we are giving them the right to murder. Some people would argue that some lives are not worth living. For example, if a person is disabled in some way, is there life less worth living, as someone who is not? Does a Downs Syndrome child have the same quality of life as a child who hasn't? Those who are parents of Downs Syndrome children would say how loving these children are and how giving they are. Cicely Saunders believed that on the last days of your life wonderful things could happen, things that would have been missed by the families and the person herself if euthanasia had been carried. A doctor quoted in the internet said: "Just because an injection is clean and silent, does not make it morally inferior to a bullet." ...read more.


People that believe they are a burden to their families should ask to be put into a hospice where they could be looked after and kept company. I agree with the doctor I quoted earlier on, I think that just because an injection is clean and silent it doesn't have to be less wrong than a bullet or a knife. Also, it is allowed in some cases, to disconnect the life supporting machines or withhold medication so that your life would end in a morally acceptable way and, at the same time, shorten the pain. I understand that people might feel unwanted by their families and society and feel like a burden. But does that mean that if anyone ever feels unwanted they can just end their life? I think it is an ungrateful way of taking life; God gives it to us and as soon as something goes slightly wrong we shouldn't throw it away. Life only comes once. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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