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Can you be a proper Jew if you dont follow laws of Judaism?

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You can only be a Proper Jew if you keep all the laws of Judaism' Task Two I agree that you can only be a proper Jew if you keep all the laws of Judaism, because the purpose of life for a Jew is obedience to God. How Jews live is to 'obey the law, atone for sin and obey God's commandments'. If they didn't keep all the laws of Judaism; they would be contradicting their whole religion. But on the other hand; I think that you can be a proper Jew without keeping all the laws of Judaism because Orthodox Judaism is the most traditional expression of modern Judaism. ...read more.


They would not turn on or turn off the TV. But Orthodox Jews consider Reform and Conservative Jews adherents of the Jewish faith, but do not accept many non-Orthodox Jewish marriages, divorces, or conversions on the grounds that they were not performed in accordance with Jewish law. Many Orthodox Jews believe that you can only be a proper Jew if you obey Orthodox Judaism. Other Jews disagree to this; they believe that you don't have to obey all the laws of Judaism. Reform Judaism is one type, it is the most liberal expression of modern Judaism. ...read more.


Modern Reform Judaism, however, has restored some aspects that their ancestors abandoned including the practice of religious rituals, prayers recited in Hebrew, the Sabbath on the Saturday and religious festivals. But still most Reform Jews consider the dietary laws to be an outdated ritual and ignore them completely. Conservative Judaism is a moderate sect that seeks to avoid the extremes of Orthodox and Reform Judaism. Conservative Jews wish to conserve the traditional elements of Judaism while also allowing for reasonable modernization and rabbinical development. Conservative Jews observe the Sabbath and dietary laws, although some modifications have been made to the latter. As in Reform Judaism, women may be rabbis. In 1985, the first woman rabbi was ordained in a Conservative synagogue. ...read more.

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