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Canadian family life

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Many studies have been conducted over the past century concerning Canadian family life. In order to predict what Canadian family life will look like in the year 2100 we must first explore its past, in doing so we will find changes in attitudes, values, legislation, and economic conditions that will present Canadian a variety of choices, which they have never, been accustomed to before. Though some will argue that these changes will result in the end of family life, as we know it, this essay will show that while marriage and divorce rates fluctuates, Canadian's will still have a persuasive desire for commitment and marriage, as it will remain the most popular choice for family life in Canada Post industrialization resulted in urbanization and a clear division of labour. ...read more.


The open marriage was one of the proposals, where each spouse pursued individualistic goals for the betterment of the family. Communal living was another; this family form consisted of two partners living together outside of marriage. These changes in attitudes and valves broke away from traditional structural functionalist thinking that argued in favour of the ideal family concept. The evolution of family life has given way to a modern approach. In today's families, men and women are delaying marriage and or family planning to peruse individualistic goals. According to Statistics Canada, the average age of Canadian women getting married has shot up to 31.7, while the average groom age has reached 34.3. Revealed on June 2, these figures for 2000 show a sharp increase in Canadians delaying marriage until later; the average age of first-time marriages is now 28 for women and 30 for men." ...read more.


More than 71,000 couples divorced in 2000, up three per cent from 1998. Likewise further competition for well paying jobs and goal-oriented people will also contribute to this gap. As already mentioned the average age of marriage has been shown to be on the raise. Secondly, there will be a dramatic raise in the number of non-traditional families in Canada. This is a direct result of marriage, divorce and remarriage. Fourth as legislation evolves there will be an increase in the number of same sex marriages as well and their Family size will continue to be small compared to prior generations. In conclusion in understanding our past we can attempt to predict our future. Though old stereotypical biases will remain, changing attitudes and valves will impact the shape and form of the Canadian family life in 2100 and throughout all these changes, marriage amongst Canadian's will remain as important to them as to was for prior generations. 1 ...read more.

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