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Capital Punishment.

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Ethics Essay Capital Punishment Ethics is "the study of standards of right and wrong; that part of philosophy dealing with moral conduct, duty and judgement.'1 Capital Punishment is 'the death penalty for a crime.'2 The word "capital" in "capital punishment" refers to a person's head as in the past; people were often executed by severing their head from their body. Since the early 1800's, most executions have resulted from convictions for murder. The death penalty has also been imposed for such crimes as armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and treason. Some people believe that capital punishment is necessary for punishing people that have committed any type of crime, much of the time because these people want justice; others think that capital punishment is only necessary in extreme cases, such as murder, while others believe that it is wrong and shouldn't be aloud to take place. Amnesty International's thoughts on the death penalty is that it is 'cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment and a violation of the right to life'3. ...read more.


Capital punishment was widely used during the Middle Ages, especially for crimes against the state and church. In the 1700's, England had more than 200 capital offences, although most were abolished in the 1800's. The United Kingdom abolished capital punishment for murder on an experimental basis in 1965 and permanently abolished it in 1969. The United States is the only Western industrialised nation where executions still take place. In the mid-1990's, 38 states in the United States still retained capital punishment. In 2002, 81 per cent of all known executions took place in China, Iran and the USA. There are many questions as whether the US will ever abolish Capital Punishment as it is such a powerful and looked up to country for many smaller and "weaker" countries. In a recent pole the people were asked whether they prefer to keep or abolish the death penalty, about 60 to 80% of American adults say that they want to retain capital punishment. Numbers vary depending upon the precise wording of the question asked by the pollsters. ...read more.


The gas chamber works by placing acid under the chair in a box, and a cyanide pellet is released into it. Tubing from a stethoscope on the arm of the chair leads out of the gas chamber to where a physician monitors the heartbeat. The criminal usually loses consciousness after two to three minutes, and is proclaimed dead in about fifteen minutes. The gas is extracted through a hole in the ceiling. As you can see, there are many different ways that people use to commit Capital Punishment. There are many people that still believe that Capital Punishment is the best way to go to punish people who murder and commit other drastic crimes. I believe that murders should have the Death Penalty imposed to punish them for taking someone else's life, although everyone has their own opinion and that is fine to have a different opinion. Whether Capital Punishment is ethical is also up to your own beliefs, and I hope this essay has given you an insight into Capital Punishment and helped you determine you own opinion. 1 World Book Online Dictionary - http://dictionary.worldbookonline.com/wbol/wbDict?lu=ethics 2 World Book Online Dictionary - http://dictionary.worldbookonline.com/wbol/wbDict?lu=capital%20punishment 3 Amnesty International Report "The Death Penalty" ...read more.

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