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Capital punishment.

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The Death Penalty is no doubt an expensive and brutal death form that has been practiced for many years and is a way to end any convicted persons life. Capital Punishment is an upright alternative for dealing with convicted criminals, but changes must be made to improve this form of discipline. Many things must be considered when dealing with the death penalty such as, historical records which show the earliest recorded of the death penalties, the reasons for punishments due to what they did, and certain methods used. The seven most popular ways in which capital punishment is performed in our society today will be discussed as well. ...read more.


Some of the first countries to abolish the Death Penalty included Venezuela in 1863, San Marino in 1865, Costa Rica in 1877 and Portugal in 1867. There are many reasons for punishment due to extreme crimes. There are revenge, expedition, deterrence and rehabilitation and reformation. Revenge is the most common of them all. Revenge is still a common way for the use of punishment, especially as a senseless crime (Tracy, 3). Expedition is another ancient way for punishing criminals. It's almost related to vengeance. Expedition however demands for uncalled suffering of the victim. Deterrence is the threat of punishment which prevents criminal activity. Therefore, it will seek to escape the pain that their punishment brings toward them. ...read more.


Justice and vengeance because many people believe that killing the convicted will satisfy their need to feel safe. (Lamourie, 8) They now feel safe because if the convicted dies, he or she will never kill again. A more wide range of population sees the con side of capital punishment. Some common reasons for the public to feel this way is the way the capital punishment has an effect on society . Capital punishment lowers the value of a human life and brutalizes our society. The value of a human life is some thing that has a special meaning to us. Even though a person has murdered some one, where do we as a community get off killing some one? God made our lives, and He should be the only one to take it away from us. ...read more.

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