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Capital Punishment

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Leslie Aller Boehler 3rd year of English Essay on "Capital Punishment" In my opinion "Capital Punishment" is a very serious action which people cannot ask for in such a lightly way. It implies the murder of someone in the name of justice, but what kind of justice is that? Certainly not one I would ever want to have in Argentina. ...read more.


Here there are a lot of murders committed by poor and intoxicated people, alienated from the society in such a way, that they feel they do not have another alternative from stealing to make a living. This type of criminal is different from a serial killer. Any punishment must be fair, just, adequate and most of all, enforceable. ...read more.


Marginal crime would then be reduced in an important number. Also we have the issue of overcrowded prisons today. If prisoners are reduce in number and facilities improve quality, the prison could actually become a place to reform criminals. We cannot have the concept of "Eye for an eye" as the way to response by a mature society who claims to be fighting for human rights in the year 2009. ...read more.

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