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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment The term "capital punishment" derived from the Latin "caput" meaning "head". Originally the punishment for committing certain offenses was death by decapitation, however now it is left to state sanctioned executions. Some Middle East countries still practicedecapitation, but more common forms of the death penalty include electrocution, gas, firing squad, lethal injection and hanging. The death penalty originates back from 3,700 years ago to the Babylonian civilisation and has continued to be a punishment for crimes such as: murder, rape, arson, and perjury. Although illegal in the majority of countries it still exist today in America and is one of the most debated issues in the criminal Justice System and is a very controversial issue among society. ...read more.


However in their eyes it not just religiously correct or a way of showing society's moral values, but is an ultimate deterrent because it makes sure that the murderer will never attack again and will put off people that are contemplating murder. Others also think that toomany "life" prisoners are released after a much shorter sentence and are regarded as a great risk to the community so capital punishment protects the society from cold-blooded killers. Surprisingly once they are committed some prisoners are also for capital punishment. This is because the death penalty is sometimes thought of as a way out, and a chance to escape a life of imprisonment. ...read more.


Also many people believe that Capital punishment is as a whole very risky as mistakes can be made and innocent people executed, when this does happen it is called a "miscarriage of justice". It is also thought that some countries use the death penalty indiscriminately, to rid a government of its opponents. Another reason against capital punishment is that the trials and numerous appeals can be very costly and lengthy, many prisoners on death row have waited more than 15 years whilst pending their execution. Unless I have experienced either or both sides of the capital punishment debate in a country where capital punishment is a part of society I do not believe that I can give a just opinion on the matter, but just explore what others have to say. ...read more.

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