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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment This piece of coursework is about the moral issue of Capital Punishment. It will hopefully provide some insight into whether the state should decide the fate of convicts. Should Britain change it's laws to make sure murderers don't commit murder again like in USA or should they be given a second chance. I myself feel that murder is wrong. Yet I also feel that letting murderers walk free is also wrong. I feel that anybody who murders another person in cold blood should suffer the same fate as his or her victim. Therefore I personally believe that the government should be allowed to administer the death penalty. Even though this is murder, it is justified and would prevent the criminal from committing another crime. As the death penalty is extremely harsh I would only vote for it if the only punishable crimes were treason, murder and if the criminal had committed multiple crimes. I feel that if the criminal pleads guilty though they should only be given a life sentence that actually means life and not just 20 years. I've researched this topic with several different sources. I've used books and encyclopaedias to get a general overview and some background knowledge on the death penalty. I've used the Internet to find out specific peoples views. I will also create a poll to find out peoples opinions on a more local scale. Methods Hanging: A noose is placed around the criminal's neck and they are then dropped causing the criminals neck to break. Firing Squad: The criminal is strapped into a chair and hooded. ...read more.


Many people feel that capital punishment is all about justice because the murderer is getting a punishment that suits the crime. After all they kill and so they should be in turn killed themselves. Society deserves to be protected from murderers and the only way to do that is to kill them. If they were too escape or even be released after serving their sentence what is to stop them from committing the same crime again. Revenge killing is surely wrong though as it is just as bad as what the murderer has done in the first place. Some people feel that the victim's family want the murderer to be executed just so that they have revenge and feel that something has been done about their loss. It also makes it seem like the judicial system is working. Is it really right for someone to be killed, whether they murdered or not? Does this not make us just as bad as them? Politics Politics plays a major part in capital punishment. After all it is the politicians that ultimately decide whether or not it gets re-instated or not. They have to look at several things before making their decision. A few of them are listed below. * It costs more to execute somebody than it does to imprison them for life. * Should people really play god with the lives of criminals? * What if an innocent is killed? These are all important factors when considering whether or not the death penalty is right. For Britain there is also the fact that not having capital punishment in place is a pre-requisite for joining the UN. ...read more.


The victim won't come back alive if their attacker is killed nor will it stop others from committing the same crimes again. Hasn't there already been enough deaths without the government adding to that total? Yes justice must be done but not for revenge, we must do what is right. On top of all that there is the matter of all the extra costs that come with the death penalty. It costs more to keep a prisoner on death row and to execute them rather than to send them to prison because of all the appeals they get. Plus the loss of trade from the UN countries would also affect Britain in a huge way. Britain would become poor in no time at all. We are taught to respect people lives and killing murderers goes against what we are preaching. Then there's the small chance that an innocent will be killed as well, this would make matters even worse. It doubles the death toll and still justice hasn't been done. The main reason that changed my mind though is that the death penalty isn't actually a deterrent. Why use something that isn't going to deter criminals, especially something that seems to be an anti-deterrent. It seems irrational to do so, so why should we? The bottom line is enough people have already died and the death penalty obviously doesn't stop this. An alternative must be used instead and if it means sticking with the judicial system that we have at the moment then so be it. Why fix something that isn't broken? The state shouldn't decide. Neither should the people. Life's natural cause should be allowed to take place. Luke Jalil ...read more.

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