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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Capital punishment has for more than a century been a controversial issue for discussion. The idea of taking a criminals' life for their sins stretches back to the dawn of civilisation and, because the rules for it has been written down in holy scripts and commandments, it has rarely been questioned. However, in the 20th century up to our early 21st century, the issue of whether it really is right to take somebody's life if they have committed a crime, has been subject to debate time and time again. Here are my personal views and opinions on this difficult topic. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter what has been done, do I believe it is right to take a life from this world. Every single life is valuable. Murder is wrong. In my opinion the question of whether or not death penalty should be enforced should only be discussed if there is talk of the murder of somebody and not anything else such as stealing. Still, it does not matter who has committed the crime and is the victim. ...read more.


It is also clear that in this world the law is far from righteous. If a black man poor man had happened to be at a sceen of a murder comitted by a rich white man, and if they both were in court as suspects, it cannot be denied who would have the upperhand. Poverty and racism plays a role in the justice system all over the world. Whoever has the right amount of money and the 'right' colour of skin is more likely to escape, guilty or not. If capital punishment continues we will encounter such horrific incidents. In fact that is the most terrible side to the so-called 'justice' system where corruption and bribery easily find their way. Another part of the death penalty that has been debated is the question of what state of mind the person has to be in to be executed. However I do not see the difficulties in this issue. If a person that had committed a murder was mentally disadvantaged, skizophrenic or under influence of drugs, there cannot be any talk of capital punishment. Whoever has been born or got a mental disease can surely not be set into our normal justice system. ...read more.


Many even belonging to a religion, and most religious teachings including the Bible and the Koran speaks against killing no matter what, seems to forget this. Many say that it will not accomplish anything to try teach criminals because in general people are just bad and cannot change. I say, maybe the governments around the world might think about more spending money on their justice systems instead of useless affairs such as going into war in countries they hardly know where lies on the global map. If we actually spend some work on the 'evil-doers', aiding them, then surely they will see their faults. When ever somebody is about to turn on the 'switch' or inject the poison, then people should ask themselves, how did this help? How did this help us to remember the ones who have been killed? Since nobody wants killings and it says clearly in the law as well as religious scriptures that killing is an act of wrongdoing, execution should not be enforced, because we cannot simply make exceptions in our justice system, otherwise it does not work on its founding principles. I hope that more people will eventually come to see the uselessness in taking a life that might have been turned into something better. ...read more.

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