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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Are They In The Right? For many years the controversy of capital punishment has taken place in many different forms. Such as hanging, electric chair, lethal injections or gassing and there are many more ways. Are these the right type of punishments? Some people say that they took another life into their own hands, " an eye for an eye". However, the discussions about capital punishment have been endless, although capital punishment happens in some countries a lot of people are against it. ...read more.


After the death penalty more than 510,000 of the population locked up, this results to over crowding and much more money spent. Moreover, a source of information was recorded in neighbouring states, and it clearly says that the states that have the death penalty commit much more crimes, than states that don't have the death penalty. E.g. Iowa a non-death penalty state that doesn't have the death penalty has a 30% less than Missouri a death-penalty state. Never less, there has only been one execution for every 1,600 murders (0.06%). ...read more.


Although, the population in the prisons went from 510,000 to 182,000 I still believe against it. For instance, in a search around states Iowa (a non-death penalty state) had 30% fewer crimes committed than Missouri (a death penalty state). Evidently, this is not working. Also, people in the black community were poorer than the white community. So this means that the black community couldn't afford as good lawyers so they were put on death row because of lack of evidence, which they may not be guilty. I wouldn't like to see it in Britain because; the U.K wouldn't get a good reputation, so they wouldn't get many tourists coming to the U.K, which means less money! ...read more.

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