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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Capital punishment is a very cruel and revolting punishment. It is not legal in England. I believe that there is no reason why capital punishment should effectively deter any murderers, because when they kill they all almost always think that they will never ever be caught and that they would have to face the chair, rope, injection, chamber or any other means of capital punishment. If they thought that they wouldn't get away with the murder then they would not commit the murder as they would be too scared. 82% of police chiefs in the United States of America say that murderers do not think of capital punishment when they kill. There are many other ways to tackle a murderer and make him or her realise what they have done wrong without having to kill them. The person who makes this decision is just as bad as the murderer by murdering the death row prisoner. Education and reformation is the way to go from now onwards as if you teach a person that it is not right to kill and you make them realise what they have done wrong and show them ...read more.


Then capital punishment was made legal and in the year 1985 there were still 187 criminals who were then on death row. Why should the prisoners family have to be put through what the victims family were put through, isn't one families grief enough, why take another human beings life when it is not necessary and it can be avoided. It is just an ongoing cycle where the victim's family have to suffer and then the convict's family also have to suffer. There is no need for that cycle. Even if you execute the prisoner who killed a member of your family it still won't ever bring back the loved one who was murdered so it is pointless. Capital punishment helps to keep our streets safe and free from crime and murderers. Capital punishment is used to rid society of its enemies. Capital punishment is a very harsh form of deterrence for murderers. This is very effective as the murderers may think twice before committing the crime. Capital punishment is a stern yet regrettable necessity, it lowers crime rates excessively. ...read more.


Some people may think that capital punishment is cruel and they sometimes wonder how a person can kill another person for murdering another human, but in order for the world to be a safer place this has to be done. It also prevents others from murdering people as they would think twice before committing the murder. It scares them off if they observe the execution, as they fear that the same thing could happen to them. Personally I feel that capital punishment should not be used in any country it is a very cruel form of punishment, the prisoner hardly every dies instantly. Although others claim that they do. The facts in my first argument also show that capital punishment does not lower murder rates, even if they are lowered they are only by a few people per state. Capital punishment should not be tolerated in any country it is not right to take the unique life of a human being off of this earth, by means that are cruel, ruthless boisterous acts of violence against a human being. I am one hundred percent against capital punishment I think that it doesn't need to be used in order for murderers to be averted from committing any more murders. ...read more.

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