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Capital Punishment

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Matthew Hunt English Coursework-Capital Punishment Many people have questioned the arguments both infavour and against the re-introductrion of the death penalty. The supporters for capital punishment say it will be a way of protection and it will be a deterence. Can we believe them? They say the criminal should get what they deserve and it makes economic sense. They say a lot of things, very ambitious ones at that. Luckily, I am not one of them. I very much hope that you are not too. I am shocked to hear that capital punishment still exists in many countries. Altogether there are 90 countries still using the death penalty for traditional crimes. Among those is the USA. The USA in my opinion the most advanced country in the world, still refuses to get with the times. This I find worrying. If the most powerful country in the world still use old-fashioned methods for sorting out problems how will they solve other disputes? ...read more.


Once the investigation team had enough strong evidence to show the criminal was guilty or not guilty a decision would be made by a judge. The judge made a choice on a sentence to fit the crime. Of course, the judge would never convict an innocent man would he? However, in one case a fatal mistake was made. In 1953 a teenager by the name of Derek Bentley had his life taken from him. Bentley was convicted of the murder of a London policeman although Bentley had never fired a shot. It was Bentley's friend Christopher Craig, who had actually murdered the policeman. Craig was too young too be hung he was only 16 at the time. It seems that the judge had taken out his anger and that of a nation on Bentley as he couldn't sentence Craig. In 1993 the Bentley family won a pardon and they were told by MP Michael Howard " he never should have died". ...read more.


How would you feel if your son or daughter could have been saved for what is believed to be �40,000 a year but instead was executed to save on money? Lets consider where that �40,000 would go. It would be wasted on what already is a perfectly fine education system or health care system. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with either of the two. I understand that the money could be spent on machinery for hospitals or learning equipment for schools. However, no-one can put a price on a life. After listening to my argument I hope I have helped you into making your opinion on capital punishment. I have shown you it is proven that capital punishment is not a deterent and that fatal mistakes happen. Also, we should forgive, not resort to violence aswell as what right does anyone have over a life. The most important point of all is where you stand on capital punishment. Are you for or against? I think you will make the right decision. ...read more.

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