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Capital punishment

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Capital punishment What is 'capital punishment' also known as the 'death penalty'? Is it a disgraceful way killing a fellow human being? Or is it a justifiable way to punish someone for a crime they have committed in our society? Many nations around the world are using the death penalty as their most severe punishment of all. Capital punishment is one of the most debated issues in the current day life. In this essay I will be giving you a brief overview on the history of capital punishment and then I will be going on to argue for and against reasons for capital punishment. I will also be concluding at the end of my personal views on capital punishment. The list of methods of killing people has become larger over the past 100 years but there 7 main of killing the convicted. Hanging is one. If it is carried out properly then the neck will break. Using this method ones life will come quickly. 'The electric chair', it is strapped into a chair and an electric current is passed through the body. The firing squad is the most sickening of them all. It is when several marksmen shoot the convict right in the heart. ...read more.


These people believe that a life sentence in jail would be a better punishment than execution. The great mahatma Gandhi said: "An eye for an eye will make us all blind" This quote means that if we kill a murderer then we are murderers ourselves, and this will eventually kill us all. Many people against capital punishment believe it should have been brought back for the last time for the serial killer of Harold Shipman I personally come into this category because I believe Harold Shipman should have undergone the death penalty. I believe that the friends and family's who's loved ones were the victims of Harold Shipman can only see justice in him getting the sentence of the death penalty. On the other hand a wider range of the population is in favour of capital punishment. This could be because of a number of reasons such as religion, justice, revenge or simply the fact that the population of Britain doesn't feel safe or satisfied with these types of people in our communities. Many people are in favour of capital punishment because of justice, revenge and settling of scores. For example if someone's relative or loved ones gets murdered the relatives of the murdered will not be satisfied until the murderers get killed themselves. ...read more.


It later came on the news that once the detectives shown the tape, the girl did not like David Gale and wanted him to die and leave his family. Ian Huntley has been put in prison for the killing of the two young girls, HOLLY and JESSICA who aged about 10-12 years. Ian Huntley denied all the charges but was still found guilty. In the daily mail, on Thursday 18th December 2003 there was an article published about the Soham murders "why I'd gladly hang Huntley". In this article Simon Heffers argues that the death penalty would have prevented the murders. By reading the title you would straight away know that this article is in favour of the death penalty because it is a right winged newspaper. After considering there for and against reasons for capital punishment I firmly believe that capital punishment should be brought back into our societies. I think that everything Simon Heffers has written in his article is very true. I am strongly in favour of the death penalty is that I am a Muslim and I believe in everything my religion teaches me. Therefore I am in favour of the death penalty because of the Q'uran teaches the Muslim people to execute people for certain crimes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zahid Patel ...read more.

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