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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Is Capital Punishment, otherwise known as the Death Penalty, a disgraceful and unjust way to kill a fellow Human being? Or is it a justifiable way to punish someone in a modern day society? Some nations use the Death Penalty as their most severe punishment. Capital Punishment is one of the most debated issues in current day life. Is it acceptable or not? Many politicians have put their arguments across highlighting both their benefits and drawbacks. In the past people in Britain were often executed by hanging or by having their heads severed. But nowadays very few countries allow the Death Penalty. In fact, it follows the abolition of the death penalty for treason and piracy in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act and is part of a global trend which has made massive strides in recent years. Criminals are executed via lethal injection or electric chair. Some say this is a less painful and more 'humane' way of killing. But others argue against it. The Death Penalty existed for centuries for crimes such as: theft and treason, to crimes like murder and rape. ...read more.


Heffer says he'd do it without any trouble, he would gladly hang him. This clearly indicates Heffer doesn't hold back on his feelings. The image under the title is of a noose and paints a thousand words, which are very striking. The noose was previously used to hang people with. Without reading the article, the picture builds an image in the viewers mind. Some would say that it is a very bias image; he sways the readers towards what he is trying to say, simply by using a picture of a noose. Heffer believes that Huntley should have been executed and explains that it would have been less costly and more justifiable. We, the public are paying to support him via our taxes; warmth, water, security, food cooked by a specialist chef, Sky Digital television, personal gym. All this is coming out of our hard earned money some would say this a life of luxury for him in return of what? The tragic murder of two little innocent girls. He doesn't deserve this. He should be locked away in a prison cell and have the key thrown in the ocean with a rock tied to it. ...read more.


They also receive free food, free water, an easy ride, no money problems to worry about, no family to support, the only down pointer is that they wont have their freedom. All at the tax-payers expense might I add. Just as Ian Huntley if we would have known that he would have gone to jail he would have thought twice. The death penalty would have deterred him from committing such a horrendous crime from the onset. Looking at both sides of the argument I believe that the current law is correct. Capital punishment may be easy and less expensive, but if they remain in jail for life they will suffer every second. When they want to have a bite to eat they will suffer, in prison they have set times for meals. When they want to see there children's faces they will suffer. When they want to see their friends they will suffer. When they want to watch a movie they will suffer. When they want entertainment they will suffer. When they want to see a friendly face they will suffer. When they want to have luxuries they will suffer. When they want see their children grow up they will suffer. When the want to be free they will suffer. ...read more.

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