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capital punishment

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Capital punishment Capital punishment or the death penalty is when some one is killed because of the crime's they have committed. Many Christians are against capital punishment but some Christians believe that it's okay sometimes. I am going to explore the reasons why many Christians believe it's wrong and some think Christians agree with the death penalty. ...read more.


But it is important to understand that it is pretending the problem does not exist and ignoring it - hoping it will go away, it is seeking other ways of solving the problem and calming the immediate situation. Loving your enemies is difficult in practice, but Jesus makes it clear he wants his followers to be different they should "stand out in the crowd". ...read more.


Capital punishment also saves up to 1,00,000 pounds a prisoner per year which means there would be more money for education and health boards around the world. The death penalty also gives the victims family closer. I agree with capital punishment for some crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape and homicide because if any of those crimes had been committed to anyone I know or even me I would want justice. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michelle Smyth 5055 12.B ...read more.

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