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Capital Punishment

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Michelle Moran 4F1 Capital Punishment Essay. Eight years ago, in a shopping centre in Liverpool, a young toddler and his mother were out shopping, on what seemed like a normal day. The young boy would have been looking forward to going to McDonald's like any other two year old. His mother would have been looking forward to going home and putting up her feet with a nice, warm, cup of coffee, just like any other normal mother who had been out shopping with a small child. The young boy's mother turned her back for two minutes while looking into a shop window. Unfortunately for her, two young hoodlums were also in the shopping centre at the same time as them and they led the child away from his mother. When the women turned around, she found her son gone. Like any other mother in this position, she went straight to the police. The toddler was Jamie Bulger, he was found, after a full blooded search, on a nearby railway track, dead. Fortunately, the young boys were filmed on C.C.T.V. ...read more.


However, supporters of capital punishment could argue that crimes like murder are spontanious and don't have a reason behind them. Hiring good psychologists would be very expensive and the people who commit the crimes could easily lie to get out of prison. Keeping them in prison would be expensive and why should we pay taxes to clothe and feed them. Their victims will never eat another meal, so why should they? Another strong argument against capital punishment is that methods of execution are cruel and it can also be mental torture for the person who is awaiting execution. On the other hand, supporters would argue that the criminals deserve everything they get. They put thier victims through torture, so why shouldn't the killers be tortured? If the criminal didn't want to die, they shouldn't have commited the crime, as simple as that. The death penalty is not meant to be nice. Death row inmates are supposed to suffer for their crime whichever way they die. As the saying goes "An eye for an eye." In some ways it is less cruel to execute criminals. ...read more.


Nevertheless supporters of the death penalty argue that it is better to pay that amount of money to keep someone on death row for a few years before hearing their appeals for a few years before thay are executed. In conclusion, I think capital punishment should be reintroduced. A strong argument that has convinced me is the age old "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" argument. If a person takes another persons life, surely the only way to pay for this crime is their own life. In addition, opponents say people can be convicted of a crime they didn't commit. But D.N.A. testing has become so advanced that it is almost impossible that an innocent person could be killed for a crime they didn't commit. What is more, we are hearing of more and more cases of rape, murder and child abuse. Incidents like the Sarah Payne case should not be allowed to happen. Any one who commits such a horrible, dispicible crime should be killed. Imagine it was your child who was playing in the street and they were picked up by a stranger and taken to the place where they were killed. Any sane person would agree with me that capital punishment should be reintroduced in Britain. ...read more.

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