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Capital Punishment: An injustice or a necessity?

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Capital Punishment: An injustice or a necessity? The most severe of all sentences, also known as the death penalty, capital punishment involves the state in deciding whether a criminal should or should not die for their crimes is requires law to kill the criminal. Capital Punishment is a very controversial issue in today's society, with opinion being very much divided for or against the issue and I will study to find out which is the more responsible and better for our society. Most people believe that Man deserves the highest respect. This is not however considered crucial for the one who hurts his fellow man only for the victims of crimes and their family. Sympathy and unity with the victim causes many people to believe that the death penalty is the only appropriate punishment for murder. They believe it will give the victim's family closure; it will satisfy their need to avenge their loved one. If however the state murders a murderer, the state is every bit as wrong in my view. It is only adding to the cycle of violence. As the belief for respect of man states, it would also come forth that these criminals have a right to life, a natural human right and capital punishment is a direct violation to that right, which is internationally agreed upon in the UN. ...read more.


"Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man." (The Bible) Whether one believes that the words come from a god or not, these words show an ancient sense of justice, which in turn testifies to a view of the high importance of man that has existed far back in the history of humanity. There is something within people that automatically says that man has such significance, dignity and importance that someone who murders anther does not deserve to live. This natural instinct to protect life is something we need to confirm and value, but is putting another person to death the best way to underpin it? The bible also says "Thou shalt not kill" which states that no person on earth has a right to take a life, with no exceptions, and that is wrong to play god by choosing who lives and dies. There is no greater crime on earth than to take a fellow man's life. A person's life cannot be violated in a more brutal way. Human worth cannot be more despised in any more severe way. A murderer gives his victim a horrible punishment, which is to deny that person their whole life ahead of them. ...read more.


Also, a wrong number of non-whites have been executed. In the 20th century, when the death penalty was used for rape, no white men were executed for raping non-white women whereas most black offenders who raped white women were executed. This gives us the impression that the race of the person to be executed can affect the likelihood that they will receive a death sentence and as a result of this there are a large number of ethnic minorities on death row, supporters of the death penalty would say that the death row verdicts on people about interracial murders are not racially motivated but are due to that most cases have murders committed during another form of criminal activity whereas same race murders are normally personal motives for revenge and that juries are more likely to convict someone who killed out of cold blood than someone who killed for a personal motive. After going through all the points I think most would agree that the purpose of capital punishment is to discourage dreadful crimes and to remove individuals who commit these crimes from society forever. While capital punishment may remove some of these individuals, it does not remove all, and some of the individuals it removes from society have not committed terrible crimes. And it has been proven, legal killings are not successful in preventing illegal killings and make that society just as bad as the murderer. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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