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Capital Punishment has been used around the world for thousands of years. This punishment has been used and is still used today. In the countries it is used in now it is accepted by their people.

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Capital Punishment has been used around the world for thousands of years. This punishment has been used and is still used today. In the countries it is used in now it is accepted by their people. In countries like England where it isn't a form of punishment, there are many discussions on whether to bring it back as a retribution. I am going to explore facts about the death penalty. I intend to explore the question whether capital punishment should be reintroduced. To illustrate my viewpoints on the subject, I will be using a lot of facts about countries that still have this punishment, also some bad and good reasons why we should or shouldn't have it. In some ways I believe in capital punishment for people who have done wrong and know what they are doing. However also I don't think the death penalty should be used on people who have done wrong but have mental problems, or something that affects the way they think resulting in them not knowing what they are doing. Over 20 countries now give the death penalty for drug offences. ...read more.


Society needs to be secure and free from murderers. The elderly and other generations of people will feel a lot more safe if they knew the 'filth' and murderers from the streets were gone. People would get out more, and let their children out more if they knew people like this were gone forever. The process of waiting for the death penalty to be enforced makes the death penalty itself premeditated and cold-blooded. A premeditated murder is a planned murder; you plan how to kill the person, which in effect is worse compared to doing it on the spur of the moment Taxpayers' money should not be spent on supporting those who have committed inhumane acts against that community. It costs on average about �8,000 a month, to keep someone in prison. If it is a prisoner who has murdered someone, they might not change their attitude and come out of prison and murder or commit crimes again. This would be a waste of a lot of taxpayers' money, which could be spent on something else or bring the tax rate down. It would be easier to have the death penalty and remove the person from the world, also the victims family might feel that justice has been carried out. ...read more.


If you are part of the jury to decide if the person goes in jail or not you may be under risk of being tracked down when he/she is free from prison. If the death penalty is enforced then there us no chance of this happening, which would save the lives of other people. Also he/she might not come for you or your family but could hurt someone else in the world, the death penalty stops this from happening, which will or could save a lot of lives. After reviewing the issues surrounding whether or not capital punishment is a viable sanction, I have discovered that there are many controversial issues, which people never agree on. It becomes apparent that for every pro capital punishment argument, there is a valid and relevant counter argument. Although my own personal feelings would lend me to believe that execution is a suitable punishment, I am still able to recognise the contradiction that such a contentious issue will raise. In my opinion, these issues will continue to cause controversy now, and in the future, as something as final as the legalised taking of a person's life, (no matter how evil), could never be summed up in 1200 words. ...read more.

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