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Capital Punishment in Canada.

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Capital Punishment is a justified penalty that helps the society balance happiness and unhappiness, for those who seek justice. Capital Punishment must be held in Canada, although it is known as the direst and most horrific penalty any mankind could face. This punishment must exist in Canada due to these reasons. The society is unable to maintain its control over crime because the penalty for that particular crime is very mild; Capital Punishment will prevent the criminal or felon from repeating his/her crime; and finally, the punishment will help the society become more stable, structured and systematic. The Canadian society has a very mild penalty for that particular crime. On October 6th, 1999, the owner of a grocery store in Vancouver was shot 3 times in the chest by a robber at midnight. ...read more.


They pitied him because he was raised without a mother, but raised by an abusive father. After realizing his lifestyle, the jury came to a conclusion that the murder was not done intentionally. From the jury's help, the felon was sentenced to 2 years in prison. The grocery owner's relatives were shocked by the decision that was made. It is crucially important for the society to know that judging a person by his/her lifestyle or background should not affect justice. Crime is crime, and the person who committed the crime must suffer the consequences. By accepting the one-and-only justified penalty (Capital Punishment) in our society, it will strengthen the law and its penalty. ...read more.


If Capital Punishment exists in Canada, the society would not have to depend too much on its control over crime. The punishment itself will gather and strengthen the stability, structure, and order within the society. Canada will become a much better place to live in. Therefore, Capital Punishment must be accepted in Canada. The existence of the punishment is the key to a safer society and a better place to live. The punishment itself will bring the proper structure and order of ones nation. The society must let the criminals in Canada understand that for every action, along comes the consequence. The criminal's behavior, life-style, attitude, or background must not affect the law and justice. The existence of Capital Punishment is needed in Canada to make it a better and safer place. 1 ...read more.

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