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Capital punishment is a brutal antiquated concept that must be abolished in the name of civilised society.

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Capital punishment is a brutal antiquated concept that must be abolished in the name of civilised society. Each year in just America, the land of freedom + the just, 650 people r added 2 the death row + 105 r executed. The death penalty is the harshest form of punishment in the world today. Once the jury has proved a criminal guilty they go to the second part of the trial - the punishment phase. The enforcement of c p is a sadistic and macabre activity, which appeals to the more grim aspects of humane nature: wrath and malice. Capital punishment violates the right to live, a right everyone has even if they r mass murderers. No person shud b killed 4 a crime, no matter how bad the crime is, cos 2 wrongs don't make a right. There is no such thing as a humane way of putting sum1 2 death. I feel that capital punishment shud b made illegal in not just America, but the whole world. ...read more.


There aren't many things as inhumane in this world as c p. Since the public attends, children are coming as well and so lern dat there is nothing rong with brutally killing each other. Therefore, more and more children r becoming murderers. Reason= simple. They c that if they kill some1, they go 2 jail, get the death penalty, and the government, known as the "good guy" kills them as a punishment. Lesson learnt, the finger is pointed to its own actions. Another reason I think that c p should be made illegal is that life imprisonment without parole serves the same purposes as this at less cost. Right now to execute some1 in the US, it costs approx. 3 times the amount it would cost to have him or her serve a life sentence in prison. The money used to pay 4 the death row (including court appeals) comes out of YOUR wallets. If c p was made legal, this money could go 2 projects in need of the funds like building new prisons. ...read more.


Capital punishment is a failure in the deterrent of crime, which can b seen by comparing the criminal stats of those countries where the punishment is in use, with those countries where it has been abolished. There are suitable alternatives to c.p. 4m life imprisonment, 4 major crimes, 2 community service and fines 4 less major crimes, such as shoplifting. Punishment is ment 2 b 4 the protection of society. It claims 2 b a deterrent to other potential criminals. C p is a failure in these respects. It duz remove the culprit from repeating the crime, but this is of very small account cos murders hardly ever come as a string of continuous repeated acts. U must voice u're opposition b4 u pay dearly 4 it. Barbarians, that's wot we have become, barbarians. We kill each other and instead of mourning the tragedy, we want 2 satisfy our bloodlust by killing the murderer. We must lern 2 deal with these people while we have control over them. Yes, we shud punish them, but do not become them. Otherwise, what difference is there between us the criminal? ...read more.

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