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Capital Punishment is NEVER the Answer!

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Capital Punishment is NEVER the Answer! The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment! 76 countries and territories have abolished the death penalty from all crimes. 15 countries have abolished the penalty for all crimes, but exceptional crimes, such as wartime. 21 countries can be considered abolitionist in practice. They have not carried out any executions in the past 10 years, and are believed to have a policy or established practice of carrying out executions. But there are still 83 countries that still retain the death sentence. The Prime Minister of Italy had this to say about the death penalty, "The death penalty is disgusting, particularly if it condemns an innocent. But it remains an injustice even when it falls on someone who is guilty of a crime." ...read more.


Someone has to stick in the needle and inject the poison, or throws the electric switch, who ever it is; they are automatically putting themselves into a killer's situation or place. Since 1973, 107 prisoners have been released from death row in the USA after evidence has proven that they were actually innocent. This is another huge problem! If someone is falsely charged, and actually innocent, then put to death, there is nothing that can be done. Where as is if someone is given a lifetime sentence, and then found innocent, they can be removed from jail. Another inefficiency is someone with a lot of money who commits an offense can just buy their way out! With a great lawyer, you can get out of anything! ...read more.


continue to point in the same direction is persuasive evidence that countries need not fear sudden and serious changes in the curve of crime if they reduce their reliance upon the death penalty." From killing someone who could be innocent, to someone being paid to commit murder, there are millions of reasons to abolish the death penalty! It goes against morals and even God's word! If someone commits a crime, what will killing them in return do? What lesson will they learn? If they're dead, they'll never be able to learn their lesson! There are many cons and downsides to the death penalty! If only everyone would realize that it makes no sense to have a law against committing homicide for individuals, and yet the government is able to give themselves permission to commit homicide without any punishment! It violates the person's right to live! Resources: www.amnestry.org Word Count: 705 ...read more.

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