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Capital Punishment: Punishment or Murder?

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Capital Punishment: Punishment or Murder? Capital punishment has come a long way in history that has been recognized as a form of punishment to serve justice but does it serve its duty as a form of punishment to prevent murder or is it an act of murder itself ? There are arguments, which support this form of punishment yet there are arguments, which deny this form of punishment and conceive it to be a form of murder. There will be 6 concise arguments clearly stated in this essay which deny this form of punishment and conceive it to be a form of murder, which are: the Christian aspects towards capital punishment, how capital punishment does not prevent murder, the case of wrongful convictions, cruel and unusual punishment, how capital punishment is more costly than incarceration, and finally the fact that capital punishment is unjustified and unfair. These arguments will clearly show how capital punishment maybe perceived as a form of punishment but consequently does not serve justice and is immoral in principle nor does it seek to fit the crime of any matter. It is an inhumane taking of human life and has no place in a civilized society to serve justice but can only be conceived as a form of murder. The Christians believe murder is a sin and is an issue that should not be punished by death nor should vengeance be taken upon. ...read more.


The evidence on which Tafero and Jacobs had been convicted and sentenced was identical; it consisted mainly of the perjured testimony of an ex-convict who turned state's witness in order to avoid a death sentence. Had Tafero been alive in 1992, he no doubt would have been released along with Jacobs. Tafero's death is probably the clearest case in recent years of the execution of an innocent person. (Steffen 81) A wrongful execution is irreversible. An innocent person who has been sentenced to death cannot be brought back to life nor can the person be released from death itself. Errors of justice cannot be rectified and possibilities of reconsideration are taken away. These cases of wrongful convictions and executions show how capital punishment has taken lives of innocent people and can only be accounted for by the law itself. It shows how it has murdered the innocent on wrongful convictions through means of punishment and is a cruel and unusual form of punishment. Capital punishment is a cruel and unusual form of punishment. The methods by which executions are carried out can involve physical torture. In 1983, there was the case of John Evans who was executed by electrocution. According to witnesses at the scene Mr. Evans was given three charges of electrocution over a period of fourteen minutes. After the first and second charges Mr. Evans was still conscious and smoke was coming from all over his body as a result of his flesh burning. ...read more.


It would require us to betray traitors and kill multiple murderers again and again - punishments that are, of course, impossible to inflict. Since we cannot reasonably aim to punish all crimes according to this principle, it is arbitrary to invoke it as a requirement of justice in the punishment of murder. In conclusion, the 6 arguments stated in this essay clearly deny this form of punishment and conceive it to be a form of murder. Capital Punishment does not define the concept of punishment yet can only be defined as a legalized way of murder, which should be illegal. It does not serve its duty as a form of punishment to prevent murder but is an act of murder itself and serves no purpose in carrying out justice. It is the function of the law to prevent murder; hence by killing those who kill does not take away murder itself. To some it is perceived to be a form of punishment and to others it is perceived to be murder. But murder is murder when ones life is taken away through acts of violent and horrendous measures. Capital punishment involves these measures so therefore is considered to be murder. Murder is an act of different individuals driven by evil passion or vengeance to take away ones life, which ultimately makes Capital punishment a form of murder rather than a form of punishment. 1 ...read more.

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