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Capital PunishmentShould We Use Capital Punishment?

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Discursive Essay Capital Punishment Should We Use Capital Punishment? Capital punishment is an extremely controversial issue on which some people have strong views. Capital Punishment is when a criminal is punished for committing crimes, such as murder, by being put to death. One reason for many people being against Capital Punishment is that inhumane methods are used to kill criminals. In the past, methods such as stoning, gassing, hanging, electrocuting and shooting have all been used to kill. Although I agree that these methods are inhumane I am still for Capital Punishment because I believe two things. Firstly, these criminals who are being put to death have committed evil crimes, such as murder or rape. When they committed these crimes they probably did not treat their victims humanely, by killing them or hurting them in a nice way so why should they be given a pain-free death? Should it not be the evil people of our planet who are the ones left to suffer in pain? ...read more.


Also, although it is said that the criminal is to be placed in jail for life for committing a crime like rape, it is often the case that they are let out early for good behaviour. Do we really believe that somebody can change from being a murderer to being a person whom we can accept back into our society? Of course, the idea of rehabilitation is always an option. This would allow criminals to live and possibly change the errors of their ways. However, it is often the case that people who are released from jail re-offend. Therefore, would it not be better to deal with these criminals once and for all? In addition, the risk of a mistake being made is now much lower. This is because we now have the use of DNA testing, which would help prove if a person is guilty or innocent, meaning that the chance of the wrong person being killed is now much lower. ...read more.


Of this 69 were male with only 2 being female. This also shows racisms is not a factor in deciding who is put to death as more white people were killed than there were black people. Despite this, an argument against Capital Punishment is that certain people are discriminated against, including certain races of people. John 'Jackie' Elliot claimed for years that he was innocent but he could not afford the DNA tests that would prove his innocence. I think that if everybody were given fair trials and everybody got DNA tests they thought were required then there are no reasons to disagree with Capital Punishment. Following a five-year trial in 1970 Capital Punishment was abolished in the UK but I think that using Capital Punishment to kill criminals in the UK is a good idea. This is because it would help lower our crime rates and it would also allow innocent people to feel more protected by the law and not afraid to walk the streets alone after dark. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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