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Caring for the environment is the most important thing a religious person can do. Do you agree?

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´╗┐Caring for the environment is the most important thing a religious person can do. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answers showing you have thought about more than one point of view. Use religious arguments in your answer. ________________ Caring for the environment is a very big dilemma in the modern world. It is easily anticipated that humans are to rule the world and it is theirs to own and use for their own benefits. However many believe that God has made us his stewards and we are to rule the world and ?look after it?. These may be the religious views but many atheists believe that harming the natural world will affect the eco-systems and eventually us. The two major religions Christianity and Hinduism have strict views on whether the world is something humans should care about. Christianity holds a very significant view about this. They believe that because God gave them the ?responsibility to look after the world? they must treat it with care. ...read more.


There may be a lot of differences but both religions bear a similar trend as seen through this quote.? The earth has enough for everyone?s needs, but not for everyone?s greed ?. This is not all, both believe that they are working for God as stewards, not another set of rulers but caretakers. We are to make God?s will happen. From this we can gather that on one side both Christians and Hindus have strong beliefs about caring about our planet, working as stewards and treating all animals and plant life with respect. We should also take the atheist belief into account. A great number of atheists hold a view that relates very much to science, although conflicting the religious views of God creating humans in his own image and the absence of so called ?evolution?, the atheists seem to believe a similar thing. They believe that because we have evolved from lesser creatures we should not harm them. ...read more.


However some atheists or any religious person may believe that all other people are doing the harm and if they don?t it will not make a difference. It is not their fault because the increase in the number of mega cities and population is leading everyone to use the resources carelessly. This is a major problem in our world; we are harming our own planet and destroying it. I believe that it is best to look after it. I hold similar view to that of Christians, Hindus and Atheists. Those that believe we must care for the world. However I do understand why an Atheist that believes that it is impossible to not harm anyone and care for the world. The large population, increase in technology and demand for food leads to us to over-exploit the planet. It is not our fault but the circumstances we find ourselves in. However I do believe do believe simple actions such as recyclign and reusing can a make a big difference even if you are not able to control the other factors such a mass deforestation. Moksh Sharma 9S ...read more.

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