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Catholic upbringing

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Explain How a Catholic upbringing can lead to, or support belief in God? A Catholic upbringing is the first step, over a series year, to ensure that a child will eventually believe in God. Parents nurture, lead, support and guide their child through various steps that every Catholic goes through, the first step being baptism. Baptism is the first stage of the seven sacraments (Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Marriage, Holy Orders and Last Rights) When the parents of a child decide to have them baptised they have started their child's 'Faith Journey' as they have decided to ask God to welcome the child into his Church. A big part of a Catholic upbringing a home full of love and faithfulness. ...read more.


Showing them that they're not alone that they share the same belief with hundreds of people. Here the child learns more about God, and shows the child to be committed to God by going to mass every week. The child does not have to sit through the adult service, as in many churches there are children's liturgies, this means the readings and gospels are more child friendly, easier to understand, allowing children to learn more from church. Throughout the early years of this child's life it has grown up with his or her Mum and Dad being their main influence up until starting school. Now the parents decide to send their child to a Catholic school. ...read more.


We call this, when you get to year three, The 'Sacramental Program'. This is where the child makes their Reconciliation, Confirmation and Holy Communion. Here the child has to be a lot more independent on becoming part of Gods family for example they have to go to confession, they have to choose their confirmation name as well as receiving Holy Communion. All these steps, from Baptism, taking the child to church, teaching them prayers to making their Holy Communion, has all been part of the child's 'Faith Journey' growing and feeling closer to God with every step. So having a Catholic upbringing is likely to lead to belief in God because children are taught that God exists and they spend most of their time with people that believe God exists. ?? ?? ?? ?? Beth Skinner Re ...read more.

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