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Catholicism and Methodism - Major Christian Denominations

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Religion is an important aspect of a person's life. It provides them with a community and reasoning in life. Religion is universal; all people can believe and belong to a religion. Religion can inspire people to do great things; it can lead people to peace; it can lead people to war; it can lead people to lead people. But most importantly, it fills people with hope, whether it is hope in the after-life, belief in a higher power, the goodness of mankind, or the quest for unity. People follow different religions for different reasons. One of the most followed religions in the world is Christianity. Two denominations of Christianity include Catholicism, one of the major denominations of Christianity, and Methodism, one of the growing denominations of Protestantism, a branch of Christianity. The two religions are rather similar, but they also have many differences, which give a distinct difference to each other. These will be explored in the rest of this report. Methodism originated in 1739 in England as a result of the teachings of John Wesley. He, his brother Charles, and other fellow students at Oxford University formed a group devoted to study, prayer, and helping the poor. They were coined "Methodists" by other students because of the method and structure they used in their religious affairs. Both Charles and John Wesley were ordained ministers for the Church of England, but they were banned from preaching in public due to their overly evangelistic methods. ...read more.


They are also asked to pray to God when they are in need, as this keeps a contact between the Methodists and God. Prayer doesn't need to be held all the time, but regular prayer sessions are to be kept to keep a Holy relationship with the Church and a friendly relationship with God. The Methodist religion celebrates the feasts of most Christian religions. As Methodists believe in the mission of Jesus Christ, they believe in celebrating Christmas as the birth of Jesus, the Assumption of Our Lady as the rising of the Virgin Mother Mary of God into heaven as both body and soul, the Immaculate Conception as the start of Jesus life on Earth by the conception of the Virgin Mary by God, and Easter, celebrating the sacrifice Jesus made to reconcile the sins made by Christians. These celebrations are celebrated in Church through services, and can also be celebrated in homes as family celebrations. The feast days remind Methodists what their religion initially meant, which was to celebrate those before them who lead by example to live lives if goodness and set the example for them to live by, in accordance to the Methodist doctrine. Methodism is organised in a hierarchical system with the General Conference (GC) level being the highest position. The General Conference is the only official organisation that can officially speak on behalf of the Methodist Church. ...read more.


The Catholic and Methodists Churches also have vast differences between them. One the major differences is that the Methodist Church believes that abortion is allowable for women, as they believe that the sacredness and the wellness of life of a woman is more important if a baby is unwanted. In the Catholic Church, abortion is shunned upon, as it believes that all forms of life are sacred, which in this case, is the unborn foetus whose life is in the hand of the mother. Methodism also accepts divorce, but it considers that the welfare a child, if at the centre of the divorce, is kept. Catholicism is against divorce, as it believes that a bond between a man and a woman can't be broken. The Catholic Church is against homosexuality, as it believes that relationships consist of a man and a woman only. On the other hand, the Methodist Church believes that God's grace is available to all, no matter who you are. Methodism also believes Euthanasia is acceptable, as they believe the use of medical technologies to prolong terminal illnesses requires responsible judgment about when life-sustaining treatments truly support the goals of life, and when they have reached their limits. The Methodist Church therefore believes that dying persons should have the liberty to discontinue treatments when they cease to benefit to the person. However, Catholicism holds a strong stance against Euthanasia, as they believe that all forms of life are precious, and is similar to the situations concerning abortion. ...read more.

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