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Catholics follow the teaching of Jesus (Mark 10:6-9) that man and women are made by God to joined together in marriage.

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Catholics follow the teaching of Jesus (Mark 10:6-9) that man and women are made by God to joined together in marriage. The marriage involves a long life relationship, it is natural and it is a permanent bond. The marriage vows is actual moment of the Sacrament, one of the vows is 'till death do us part' which represents the life long commitment. The other vows: to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. These vows basically mean no matter what happens marriage will make two people be together until death. The acceptance of consent and blessing is when the priest says 'You have declared...What God has joined together let no man put asunder' This means the vows have been accepted may God bring you closer and let no man separate. ...read more.


During the marriage celebration the priest questions the couple individually. This is so the couple fully understands the responsibility they are about to accept. The priest says 'Have you come to give yourself to each other freely and without reservation?' The rings are exchanged to show their faith and trust. The bible teaches that couples should always be faithful to one another and to never commit adultery. As one of the commandments id 'Thou shall not commit adultery' Sex before marriage is very common in today's world. The traditional Christian teaching is that a sexual relationship should be kept for marriage. Marriage should be secure. But sexual relationships outside marriages are unpromising to public, neither the couple nor their family can be certain about the future. This is serious if a child is conceived and for Catholics there is no sacrament. ...read more.


Abortion is usually used when a women becomes pregnant at a inconvenient time, for example a very young women wanting to live her young life without a child. Even so the Church discourages from having an abortion, but encourage to keep the child. Sacrament means Jesus is present during the ceremony. The sacrament needs to be witnessed by t least 2 people. In today's world in a traditional catholic marriage there are usually more than 20 people present at the ceremony. The witnesses represent the world and the priest represents God, the love of the couple has to be shown to the world. Marriage is a sacrament that is public. During the marriage celebration the couple give one another their wedding rings it is meant to symbolise 2 things: the promises they have just given to one another (the vows), and the belief that marriage cannot be ended except by death, just as a ring has no ends. James Kuspisz Marriage Coursework Question 1 ...read more.

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