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Catholics view on sex before marriage

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Sex before Marriage Georgie Edwards =] We as a society are suffering greatly from sexual confusion or sexual misconduct; it is clear that this society is undertaking a sexual revolution, with the high number of teenage pregnancies, the divorce rate rising and an outburst of STD's and aids. Sex has been made into a "fun" idea formed by the media, but should the media be encouraging the views of the Catholic Church instead of selling us this open idea of sex? Premarital sex is when sex takes place outside of marriage; the Catholic Church strongly advises young couples to practice chastity for various reasons. This was the case for most of Britain's society many years ago, that sex before marriage was frowned upon and that sex should be left until after marriage. But as we go into a new century sex before marriage is more common and to have a child when not married isn't tabooed. It is also more common for young couples to live together before marriage; there are many strengths and weakness to this. The Catholic Church teaches that a couple should not live together until they are married; this is to stop the temptation of an uncontrolled sexual desire. ...read more.


Marriage bonds a couple together by law and sex joins a couple physically and emotionally. The act of sexual intercourse has such a strong bonding effect that the bible describes sex as being, "A union of a man and women as for them to become, as it were one flesh or one body". Sex within marriage has two purposes, one to produce offspring; the Catholic Church teaches that you must be "fruitful and multiply" (Gen 1:28). This is also means that the use birth control is prohibited. The other reason for sex is companionship "it is not good for the man to be alone". (Gen 2:18) But, some people could argue that you don't have to be married to have sex. The only reason for marriage is to show your love by law, but sometimes marriage is a commitment that some people don't want to be trapped in. Some couples feel that it's best not to get married because they don't need to show their love by law, or sometimes it might be impossible to get married because of their situation e.g. money or career. Couples should be able to express their love though sex even if there not married because sex doesn't have to be a bonding between two people; it can be a fun and exciting without any law binding commitment. ...read more.


When you have sex outside of a marriage it could lead to somebody being emotional hurt. When you have sex within a marriage there are still minor issues, but least you know you're giving yourself to somebody who loves you and sex can be more about love and passion. A sexual relationship is the closest two persons can get; this is why the Catholic Church teaches us that sex should be left until after marriage, so you can share your love in a more emotional way. The Catholic Church also teaches that sex should be a way in which new human beings come into the world; this is why you should wait until you're in a permanent and committed relationship, which marriage is. But other views show that sex doesn't have to be serious; why wait till after marriage to have sex? Other views show that if you love someone and you want to share your love with them, then everyone should have the right to able to be express themselves in a personal way. I feel that couples should decide what to do, for whatever is best for their situation; I personally feel that sex is a statement of love, and as long as you love your partner, then there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage. (1,309 words) ...read more.

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