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Charity begins at home. Christians should only support charities in their own country. Discuss

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Charity begins at home. Christians should only support charities in their own country Many people believe that this quote is correct. They think that because they already pay an amount on their bills, which goes to ward the Gross National Product, they think that they don't need to do any more for countries over seas. Some people believe that poorer countries should remain poor, as they can't help themselves, and that they must not feed off the wealthy countries. People are sometimes believers that there is enough money from the GNP for all the poor, third world countries, and because some countries give more, the poor countries should be doing fine, but its because of their incompetence that they don't prosper. ...read more.


Another outlook on this quote would be negative; many people disagree with this quote. Most of these people will be Christians, and others who understand the teachings of God. They will support charities in their country, and in foreign countries. Christians believe that everyone is created in the image and likeness of God. (Genesis1). Therefore, every life is sacred, holy, and precious in the eyes of God. As Christians, we all believe that anyone of any creed, colour or sex deserves equal opportunities and respect. Therefore, by supporting charities in their own country, and foreign countries, they can achieve their goals and fulfil their beliefs. This quote, to Christians, is untrue. Christians believe that because not all countries pay enough towards GNP, they are needed in poorer overseas countries. ...read more.


If this ethos is not enforced at a young age, the children will become 'blind' to the poverty in other countries, and their own. I have a prayer form Peter Graystone, from Christian Aid, which I think shows the true way that Christians think and Christian morals shine through. I dare to pray: Lord let the world be changed, for I long to see the end of poverty, I dare to pray: Lord, let the rules be changed, for I long to see trade being justice to the poor, I dare to pray: Lord, let my life be changed, for I long to bring hope where good news is needed, In the strength of tour spirit and inspired by your compassion, I make this promise to work for change, and wait confidently for the day when you make all things new. ...read more.

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