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"Charity does not have the effect Christians want. It makes people lazy and keeps them poor" give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

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Ao3 "Charity does not have the effect Christians want. It makes people lazy and keeps them poor" give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. Many people would argue that charity is a waste of time and does not have the effect they want because the people in the developing world are in so much debt that they cant get out of it. They would just spend their money on arms and the guns trade. Some people think that just a little bit of money will help, but it doesn't! That's why some people support charity agencies that are closer to home, such as the salvation army or cancer research, these help people who are in need of our help and money, an it benefits the people closer to where they live. ...read more.


Some Christians think that we should help; in order to do this they go through organisations such as CAFOD and OXFAM these companies don't keep the money and as much as possible goes to help the developing countries. These charity agencies support people in developing countries by building wells and giving them fresh water to clean and wash themselves in. They also try and teach the countries the bare necessities you need to know to get through life. They would show people how to fish instead of giving them fish, therefore they can do the work themselves and use up the resources that they have, but don't know how to use. If people put more money into charity this would help the people of developing countries become less lazy and be able to learn more things and be able to use their talents wisely. ...read more.


Catholics believe that Jesus made everyone how he wanted them to be and this in turn means that every single person is equal regardless of their creed, colour, race or gender and because Jesus created us all we are all children of his. Finally in my conclusion I fink that if we help the people in developing countries then they will be able to look after themselves, but first we will have to sort out their government in order to make sure that all the money that we give them goes to the people and not into the arms trade. That's why I think that if we put money into the country then we will be able to help the country get on their feet and they will then be able to feed themselves. This would help them not be so lazy as people think and show people that they need to get out of the situation that they are in and as a country come together as one. Gavin Clarke ...read more.

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