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Choose two different Christian denominations - Select and explain the main features of their place of worship and compare and contrast the ways in which the features are used in worship.

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Skill 1: Choose two different Christian denominations. Select and explain the main features of their place of worship and compare and contrast the ways in which the features are used in worship. In this essay I will be identifying the main features of the Baptist and Roman Catholic denominations and how they use their main features in worship. I will also distinguish what these two denominations have in common and in difference. I will finally say if their similarities are less or more than their differences. The main similarities between the two denominations are that both Baptist and Roman Catholic churches proclaim the Word of God by the use of the Holy Bible. In both denominations the bible is read on the lectern in order for the word of god to be heard clearly. On the whole both dominations believe in the same God and the life of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Another main feature that both Baptist and the Roman Catholic denominations share in common is the use of the Pulpit. Here the preacher explains the word of god to all the people attending. The Pulpit in the Baptist church has a greater meaning and is regarded as the central point because the main act of worship in Baptist churches is based on the Bible. The main differences between the two denominations are that in the Roman Catholic places of worship, the mass takes place at the alter. ...read more.


Considering the points that have been made during this investigation I can conclude that the differences between the Baptist and Roman Catholic churches are much more than their similarities. On the whole, both denominations share the belief in the three parts of god the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Words: 611 Skill 2: Explain why the worship you have described is important to Christians. In your answer you should explain the reasons for the difference between denominations that you have highlighted. The Catholic place of worship is greatly inclined by the main act of worship of Catholics; the Mass. Because of the Mass there is an altar in the Catholic Church. This is the central point in the Catholic place of worship. Connected with the Mass are the traditions and practices, which have developed over many many years. Catholics also believe in the company of Jesus in the form of communion (the Host). Consequently there will be a Blessed Sacrament altar or tabernacle in the Roman Catholic churches. The Baptists Church only came into existence in the eighteenth century. The Baptist Church abandoned many of the Catholic and Anglican beliefs and traditions and also they felt that only fully grown adults could make the big decision, so they required total commitment of adults in baptism as a sign of the individuals rebirth and commitment to faith. ...read more.


If the money spent on churches was used to alleviate poverty but this will only be for short-term aid. The Churches will not be able to continue giving long-term aid like CAFOD. CAFOD is used to gather money and help make long-term aid and without the churches there will not be CAFOD to give long-term aid. Short-term aid will be enough for the time being but what will happen in the future. The Last Supper, when Jesus instituted the Mass, it was held in an ordinary house. There is no reason why the Eucharist cannot and should not be celebrated in ordinary homes of people or for larger gatherings in community centres. By considering the arguments that have been made, I personally feel that there is no need for impressive structures for the use of worship. I believe that there is more need for long-term aid rather than short-term aid, still I see no need for such a large amount of money being used on just a building, but we could just have a small and not so impressive building. This leads me on to saying that there shouldn't be a lot of money spent on large and attractive buildings but there should still be a place of worship. This can be like in ordinary homes and community centres. Words: 409 ...read more.

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