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Choose two different Christian denominations. Select and explain the main features of their places of worship. Compare and contrast the ways in which the features are used in worship.

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AO1- Choose two different Christian denominations. Select and explain the main features of their places of worship. Compare and contrast the ways in which the features are used in worship. The two churches that I am going compare and contrast are the Anglican Church and the Orthodox Church. These two churches have many different symbolisms and traditions, but nevertheless have the same basic belief in that Jesus Christ is the centre of their faith and worship. The Orthodox Church is renowned for its colorful outside, exotic features and images along with elaborate rituals. An Orthodox Church cannot be confused with any other as it has those tell-tale domes that characterize the ostentatious expressive Orthodox faith. The external square shape with the dome on the top is an indication that everything in God's universe is seen by him. The four corners of the square represent the four gospels in the Bible. The Anglican Church with its traditional cross-shape, reminding worshippers of Jesus' crucifixion, may lack the extravagance of the Orthodox Church, but nevertheless personifies Jesus' glory in its own unique way. Similar to Orthodox churches, Anglican churches can be identified by their traditional shape as well as their towers with massive bells. ...read more.


AO2- Explain why the worship you have described is important for Christians. In your answer you should explain the reasons for the differences between the denominations that you have highlighted. Christian values are a lot less influential in the modern era in which we live, but nevertheless still play an important role in the lives of many people all around the world. Many figure heads, leaders of state and average human-beings, place their trust in God to help and guide them to do what is right. The trust that Christians gain in God is through the worship they give him. Whether it is through reading the Bible, praying or attending a Eucharist or Holy Liturgy it is important for the Christian to show his/her love for God. The Anglican Sunday Services called Eucharists remind us of what God has done for us in our lives. The most important parts of the Christian faith are personified in Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. The Holy Communion reminds us of this through the blessed bread and the wine that is taken. The bread symbolizes the body of Christ and the wine symbolizes the blood of Christ. ...read more.


In a modern era where Christianity is secondary to many things, appreciation of historical heritage amongst the youth is almost non-existent and even considered wasteful. Worshipping God can take place in the most humble of places; think back to when the Jews were hiding from the Romans and how they used the most simple of places to praise God. Jesus also says in the gospel of Matthew that to truly worship him you must love your neighbor. Not only is it one of the Ten Commandments but, time and time again repeated throughout the Bible. I believe that it is both important to maintain and build special places of worship, while at the same time it is also important to think of the poor who find it hard to live day-in day-out. This question suggests one has to make a choice between the two tenets of the Christian faith of loving thy neighbor or worshipping God. At first glance it may seem an impossible decision to make but, in reality it's a case of finding the right balance. Worshipping does not have to be done in extravagant luxury; because of this minor sacrifice the money saved could then be used for easing poverty. ...read more.

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