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Choose two specific examples of problems faced by people in developing countries and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified to the problems.

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Choose two specific examples of problems faced by people in developing countries and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified to the problems. Developing countries are faced with many problems that most people in more economically developed countries wouldn't think twice about. One of these problems is debt. Many 3rd world countries like India or Africa want to build schools, roads and various other buildings, they want to buy and spend more than they can afford with the money they've earned from exports. But when you borrow money you decide to pay it back over an allocated time period with interest. If you cant pay it back at the set time then you are said to be in debt. The IMF and the like lend money to countries with short or long term cash flow problems. In return, countries have to carry out economic reforms. Borrowers are called debtors and those who lend out money are creditors. Most 3rd world debt is owed to the World Bank or the IMF. Very little is commercial. "What poor countries in Africa spend on debt repayment each year could save the lives of 3,000,000 children and prevent 1,000,000 cases of malnutrition." This quote from UNDP Development report from 1997 just goes to show how unfair being in debt really is. ...read more.


The goats represent bad behaved Christians and they are the ones who got it wrong because they did not help those in need in a variety of situations. Luke 16:19-31 (The rich man and Lazarus) The rich man had everything and the poor man had nothing and because of this the rich man suffered in hell and the poor man had everything he wanted in heaven when they died. In our world today we cannot say that we don't know what's happening. We have various ways of getting information but we choose to ignore the plight of others at our own peril. A lot of the Old Testament is intended to help and protect or look after the poor. The Prophets in the Old Testament call for compassion and justice for the poor people. Jesus in the New Testament adores the poor and has real compassion for them. He condemns those who do nothing for the poor and loves and praises those who help them. Someone who uses what they have been given or what they have earned well is called a Steward. Using wealth wisely and well, according to Jesus, means using it to show compassion. The need to help the poor is emphasised in all traditions. The most obvious being giving monies to charities or agencies that help the poor. ...read more.


I choose not to give unless I get something in return." John Burr USA. No I don't agree, Charity does have the effect Christians want, it doesn't make them lazy and it doesn't make them poor. When Christians give money to charities they are doing what Jesus wants and so making them more like Jesus. Charities are there to help the poor and needy and to rid the world of poverty. It gets rid of their troubles. Charities are there to support the poor until they can stand on their own two feet. Charities actually help. Money is invested into less economically developed countries and help increase ones individual wealth and therefore the countries too. "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." II Corinth "I hate charity, but I depend on it and I am glad of it too." Benefited man. India Charity like CAFOD helps others to help the poor to help themselves. A project like Christian AID is long-term, providing things that encourage a country to develop its own resources e.g. water Aid, drilling wells, animals and tools. Long-term provides training and education e.g. Burundi in New Guinea who trained in more efficient farming methods. All this gives incentive to help themselves. By helping others we are building up body of Christ. We must help those in need and not ignore them. We must also follow Jesus' examples and teachings. ...read more.

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