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Choosing one Eucharistic celebration show how it follows New Testament Teaching.

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RE COURSEWORK Question 3: Choosing one Eucharistic celebration show how it follows New Testament Teaching. The mass is an excellent example of a Eucharistic celebration, which follows New Testament teaching. Definite teaching in the New Testament gives clear directions as to how we should celebrate the Eucharist. I am going to look at each teaching in turn and describe how we fulfil it in mass. We should gather together. We do this by coming together every Sunday to celebrate Mass. It is the day Jesus rose from the dead. We come together as the Body of Christ. However, many people also come together in Mass on special occasions. We should share scripture. We do this in the Liturgy of the Word when we listen to God's word in the readings from the Bible. ...read more.


Although it is spoken by the priest or deacon, it is Jesus himself who speaks. We should bring gifts to share with each other. We do this by bringing the bread and wine to the altar, which then become the body and blood of Jesus. They are God's gifts to us, and also the fruit of man's labour. In certain masses, for example in school, other gifts can be brought, such as, books, sports awards, academic certificates, pieces of art and music they are offered in thanksgiving. We are giving back to God thanks for the talents he has blessed us with. Obey Christ's command and re-enact the Last Supper. We do this when the priest calls down the power of the Holy Spirit to change the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus during the Eucharistic Prayer. ...read more.


Eat together. In mass we eat together in Communion. It consists of saying the Our Father, a prayer and sign of peace, the breaking of the bread and eventually receiving Holy Communion. When we receive Holy Communion, we are receiving Jesus himself and are at one with each other. The New Testament also teaches us to take Christ into the world. We do this in mass by the concluding rites and dismissal. We are sent back to where we have come from with a powerful message of life. We are to carry what we have received and what we have become into the world. Therefore we are taking Christ into the world, as Jesus said, "As the Father has sent me, so I send you." ?? ?? ?? ?? Caroline Blundell ...read more.

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