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Chris Hunt Ocr Specification a 1930 Coursework Approved C/W Title 2003 Gcse Religious Studies Centre No

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Chris Hunt OCR Specification A 1930 Coursework Approved C/W Title 2003 GCSE Religious Studies Centre No: 10858 Discipleship (a)(i) WHAT IS MENT BY THE TERM 'DISCIPLE' The term disciple means a follower of Jesus. The word disciple and discipline are linked. They come from the same roots because a disciple has to have discipline .The word disciple actually means pupils or people who are learning. ...read more.


Here are some probing questions that we could be asked. Discipleship today means going to church often and trying to follow the ways of Jesus. Disciples are very devoted Christians. It is very hard to be a disciple. A disciple has abided to the Ten Commandments. Sometimes apostle and disciple are used to mean the same thing but an apostle is usually referred to as one of the chosen twelve. ...read more.


If someone was to offer them a bed for the night, they were to accept, but if they were not welcome, then they should go. There were over 70 disciples before Jesus died. According to Luke, the members of the early church were known as disciples (Acts 6:1f. and frequently thereafter). This makes it clear that ... the pattern of the relationship between Jesus and his earthly disciples was constitutive for the relationship between the risen Lord and the members of his church. ...read more.

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