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Christian aid - mission

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God provides enough for all but our greed means others don't get what's provided for them. "Here at Christian aid we believe in empowering people to reform the systems that are keeping them poor. We strive for a world free of poverty and we promote health and education programmes among the poor. We are driven by faith and inspired by the Bible." Jesus gave many teachings on the poor in the bible here are some examples: - 'Do not lay up for yourself treasures on earth where moth an rust can consume it and where thieves break in and steal. For you heart will be where your treasure is'. God values spiritual qualities more than worldly qualities such as money and possessions. When you die you cannot take money and possessions with you. ...read more.


The ruler replied, "I have obeyed all these rules" Jesus told him "you lack one thing. Go sell what you have and give it to the poor then you will have a place in heaven". The man went away very sad for he had great possessions and did not want to give them up. The Bible says we must be willing to do all we can to help god if we want eternal life. We should give what we have to spare to try and abolish poverty. There was a rich man and a poor man (Lazarus). The rich man ate well and did not obey the Ten Commandments and Lazarus ate very little and obeyed the Ten Commandments. Both men died. The rich man found himself in hell with Satan and the poor man found himself in heaven with god. ...read more.


The rich man insisted that someone from the dead would make them repent. God said, "If they were blind to the teachings of Moses and the prophets they wouldn't be convinced by someone rising from the dead." This means if you don't change your ways now while you still can it will be too late when you die. You can help poor people like Lazarus now by donating, as much as you can, to Christian aid. Money doesn't guarantee a place in heaven and the only way in is to follow the teachings in the Bible such as the teachings of the good Samaritan, treasure in heaven, God or mammon, the rich young ruler and the rich man and Lazarus. By giving help to charity and helping others you are following the teachings in the Bible as long as your motives are selfless. By giving money to Christian aid you can help even if you only have little to spare. ...read more.

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