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Christian and Muslim attitudes to Divorce Explain the attitudes towards divorce and remarriage in Christianity and Islam.

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Christian and Muslim attitudes to Divorce A) Explain the attitudes towards divorce and remarriage in Christianity and Islam. In the Catholic Church once you are divorced you cannot be remarried, they believe that marriage is for life, so to remarry would be adultery, due to this in the Roman Catholic Church you may have an annulment, which is a declaration that the marriage never took place properly. It isn't a divorce, but only a cancellation of the marriage. However this can only take place if the couple have never had sex. If there is a Roman Catholic couple, which have both been baptized, marriage (a sacrament) can never be broken accept for * Lack of consent (forced marriage) * Lack of judgement (not fully knowing what marriage is about) * Inability to carry out marriage duties (mentally ill) * Lack of intention (impotence, the partner not wanting children) The day a couple get married is very important to Christians because they are about to start a new life with someone they think is very special. When they get married they take a vow at the ceremony to be together "till death do us part." ...read more.


Divorce is, therefore, the last resort only to be used when attempts to save a marriage have failed. The couple are incapable of continuing in a mutual partnership. Men Divorcing Women Women Divorcing Men There are two ways to divorce a woman 1) The best way allowing time for reconciliation. * Husband says "I divorce you" * IDDAH, a period of 3 months * NO sex during the time of Iddah - then they are divorced * After 3 pronouncements of divorce - they are divorced 2) The wrong way - instant * Husband says, "I divorce you" three times all at once to his wife. * Some Muslims think that this is o.k. (As above) * Others believe it does not count as "I divorce thee" (three times) as it does not allow time for reconciliation Women can ask for the right to divorce being written into the NIKKAH She can ask for a divorce by KHUL - the case has to be presented to a shariah court. Circumstances in which a Muslim woman might seek a divorce * Adultery * Desertion * Lack of sex for 4 months * Lack of companionship * Lack of maintenance * Harm by husband * Insults to herself of her parents * Breaking any part of the NIKKAH Divorce is permitted in Islam and is also severely disapproved of. ...read more.


the day, Islam and Christianity both have one God, Allah and God, rather than worshipping many different Gods however the trinity might cause a problem claiming that God is three different people, which isn't the case, lifestyle could cause arguments for the married couple, for example using the bathroom. Bringing up children would be very hard especially if the were committed because the children would not know which faith to follow, Muslims and Christians have different opinions about how children should be raised and brought into this world, Another problem would be if either of the couple wanted to perform polygamy, although it cannot take place if he doesn't get permission off his first wife it could still cause disagreements, Muslims and Christians both have different ways of worshipping, even though the couple could try both ways and see which one they like best, they will probably end up like they were in the first place. If some one is not devout and aren't that committed to their faith it wouldn't be a problem to marry outside her/his religion, Marriage between different religions would cause a multicultural society. They do believe in one God. Muslims and Christians aren't born into their religions so either one of the partners could convert. 1 ...read more.

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