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Christian and Muslims attitudes to Abortion and Euthanasia

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Introduction: For my Religious Studies coursework I am going to do a study of a Christian and Muslims about abortion and euthanasia. There were a number of different areas that I could of chosen to study but I think that these two play an important part in our society today this is I think because of the increase in teenage pregnancies over the last couple of years. To enable me to do my coursework I am going to need to start of by doing some research for some background information about what abortion and euthanasia are. For this I will be using the Internet, books from my local library and Minister and I have also sent off a number of letters to relevant societies and churches for more information about abortion and euthanasia. From the choice of these two areas I hope to see whether there are any diversities within the same religion between the different denominations and whether there is a disagreement between the views that a Muslim would take and the view that a Christian would take. ...read more.


An abortion can only take place then if two doctors that: a) There is a risk to the mother's physical or mental health. b) The child is likely to born with a disability, mental or physical. Abortion is not as straight forward as some people would make it out to be, there are actual many different types of abortion here are just a few. Vacuum Aspiration: Whilst under an anaesthetic, the womb is opened using probes and a small tube is inserted. The vacuum machine is then turned on and the unborn child is pulled down the tube into a disposable jar. In some cases if the heads are too large to fit and are crushed before being removed. Dilation and Curettage: Instead of using a tube, a curette is used to scrap the unborn child from the womb. Every part of the unborn child is removed otherwise the mother may get an infection. Similarly with dilation and evacuation small forceps are used instead of the curette. ...read more.


Suicide: This is when the patient is making the decision for themselves and then choosing to carry out their own death, usually done in a painful way. Many people chose slitting wrists or necks, drowning, or jumping off a high building or bridge. Is euthanasia acceptable? Euthanasia is illegal in the United Kingdom, but in some parts of the Netherlands and Australia. Suicide is not actually illegal in Britain. The majority of our society today believe in respecting life, and so do not agree with euthanasia, but there is always the question that remains ' What would you do if you were put in their position and knew someone who was suffering in a great deal of pain?' Or 'What if you were pregnant and you knew you could not cope?' Now I am able to look at the beliefs a Christian and a Muslim takes over euthanasia and abortion, and see whether Christianity or Islam can help someone who is put in the scenarios described in the questions above. Word Count: 1,085. Rachel Seager Religious Studies Coursework December/January 02 7424.doc ...read more.

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