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Christian Attitudes To Treatments that Help Couples Who Are Infertile

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Christian Attitudes To Treatments that Help Couples Who Are Infertile Many Christians believe that a child is a gift from God and many Christians will accept the different treatments such as IVF as long as only the infertile couple is involved and not a third party, so for IVF, just the woman's' egg and the man's sperm. AIH (artificial insemination by husband), maybe the preferred fertility treatment for Christians because it safeguards the sanctity of marriage. Christians believe that God is the creator not man/animals were given for mans benefit, but not to be abused/created and sustains all life/man made in his image/ each soul is unique and Christ died for the sake of humanity. ...read more.


Roman Catholics Believe that life begins at the conception and that using them in this way is a misuse of human or potential human life. They think that this can be seen as taking life; therefore it is against the commandment 'Thou shall not kill'. Roman Catholics believe that anybody has the right to have children, they are a gift from god and if you do not have children then that could be because god has other responsibilities for you to achieve throughout your life. The church will allow the use of fertility drugs because they only involve husband and wife, and they are aimed at preserving life, but they forbid all of the rest of the treatments. ...read more.


Many people think that it could have been the same as adultery. AID may not be as satisfactory to both of the partners and therefore it may cause tension between them causing them to split up or loose their relationship. The parents may have to keep a lie for the rest for their lives, or they will have to tell the child when they are older that a third party was involved in the pregnancy. In Islam, Surrogacy is forbidden as the Qur'an teaches; no one can be a child's mother, except the woman who carried it. Muslims have no problem with IVF and AIH but they seem to think that AID and adultery have very little difference in them and therefore they forbid this. ...read more.

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