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Christian beliefs about death

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Christian beliefs about death "Death is a comma not a full stop." Death is the gateway to eternal life. It is the start of the longest journey that you will ever take. Everyone will be judged according to how they have lived their life. If they have committed crimes that cannot be forgiven, they will be sent to Hell, a place of suffering and fire. Death is not the end. Jesus' death could have been seen as a sign of this. Telling us that death is not a full stop and that there is something to look forward to afterlife. We are only scared of the unknown. Many quotations in the bible support the theory of eternal life. Jesus says in John's gospel, "He that believes in me though he shall die yet he shall live!" Also St Paul's letter to the Corinthians, "this is how it will be when the dead are raised to life. When the body is buried it is ugly and weak, when raised it will be beautiful and strong, when buried it is a physical body, when raised it will become a spiritual body." There is an existence between Heaven and Hell, Purgatory. This is a place where no one is truly evil and no one is truly spiritually moral. They are sent here to either be prepared for Heaven or to be prepared for Hell. ...read more.


Therefore their loved ones are not lost, they have just moved to a better place. Their soul will live forever with God. Muslim beliefs about death Akhirah comforts Muslims at difficult times; it means life after death. We will be judged by Allah when we die, he knows everything that we have ever done. People who have obeyed Allah, ad have been good Muslims will go to Heaven and those that haven't will go the Hell. Muslims have a similar view to the Christians, in that they think it is a garden. The Qu'ran gives a description of heaven. "In gardens of delight they shall enjoy honour and happiness facing each other on thrones: a cup will be passed to them from a clear-flowing fountain - delicious to drink and free from intoxication or headaches: and besides them will be innocent women, restraining their glances, with eyes wide with wonder and beauty." This view would be very comforting to a Muslim. Bad people who have committed atrocities will go the Jahannam (Hell). Muslims regard this as a place of pain and intense fires. The Qu'ran also gives a description of Hell. "I warn you of flaming fire. None shall be cast into it but the most wretched, who calls the truth a lie and turned his back." Muslim Burial There are five main points to a Muslim funeral. 1. Body washing or Ghusl 2. Wrapping or Kafan 3. ...read more.


The service is concluded when the mourners, say Assalaamu Alaikum. At the funeral it is recommended to be in silence, for music and crying is forbidden. At the burial the whole should be large and consist of 2 excavations. The smaller one should be inside the larger. The body is placed in the smaller one. While laying the body you have to say Bismillah Wa A'la Milla Rasulallah. It is not recommended to use a casket unless there is a need for it, e.g., if the soil is very loose or wet. A stone, or bricks or some soil should be put under the deceased's head to raise it up. Do not use a pillow or put anything with the deceased inside the grave. Cover the lahd with bricks so that they become like a roof for it. Pour three handfuls of soil. Fill the larger pit with soil. It is preferable that each one of those present share in this by pouring three handfuls of soil. Raise the level of the grave a little less than one foot in a sloping way. Why Funeral Planning is important to both Muslims and Christians Planning your funeral gives meaning to your life, bringing close family and friends together. They express their feelings truthfully at times such as this. This process helps alleviate any stress and takes away some of the burden on family and friends. ...read more.

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